The OVERPOWERED 4 MYSTIC Strategy! | Teamfight Tactics Set 2 | TFT | League of Legends Auto Chess
Disguised Toast
Disgusied Toast has had enough of the egg rolling Woodland Druids strategies. It's time to bring out the 4 Mystic TFT strats! Enjoy some more Teamfight Tactics set 2 Rise of the Elements gameplay!
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  • Nodnyl Augis
    Nodnyl Augis

    Wtf!! What a comeback..

  • 97piet

    what a sick round, dude hahahaha

  • SpaceClaw

    29:20 When you blow your load but she keeps succing.

  • Ben Wahnschaffe
    Ben Wahnschaffe

    super close facecam got my like

  • Mesa

    This strat is called "2* Singed with some randoms"

  • Suffy

    Idc what anyone says. He basically completely redid his team mid game and survived with 1hp and came back. Insane game toast!

  • Phia

    Okay here's a god comp : sion, voli, olaf. malzahar, zed (with light), Yorick. Lucien, Senna

    • Phia

      3 zerker, 3 light, 3 shadow, 3 sums, 2 glacial, 2 electric, and soulbound . it's a beautiful comp with good items

  • Сергей Попов
    Сергей Попов

    Statik on Nami..?

  • Hanimalify

    Toast I tried to watch you on facebook gaming but I didnt know where to go. One page was a community page and the other was just a list of your YT. Where can I watch you live?

  • Tanica Vermelito
    Tanica Vermelito

    Hey toast! Nice videos as always Have you Tried, light zed together with yorick skill? It's hilarious!

  • Noah

    should have click baited with all 2 star 1 hp comeback!

  • x Pepi
    x Pepi

    Why is glove now the worst item to get? Still makes a gauntlet and thief's glove. Sword --> Shojin...both OP items.

  • Ally Huang
    Ally Huang

    the amount of misplays during that rolldown hurt my soul

  • Warriorfall

    new intro is cool

  • Burek Mali
    Burek Mali

    Good game

  • mohamed hamdani
    mohamed hamdani

    you need to call the woodland and druid by "forest comp" like my comment so that toast can read it .

  • Rambo Effekt
    Rambo Effekt

    Exodia has been completed 😂

  • Ray Denki
    Ray Denki

    So Thresh is allowed to shield all units here, but not in actual LoL? Sure, why not...

  • Shacolin

    I go 4 mystic a lot actually. With 4 warden. When I get lots of chain vests.

  • King German
    King German

  • Coffee Trip
    Coffee Trip

    this is how you play openfort strategy in set 2

  • Unknown Type 1
    Unknown Type 1

    try Atrox hyper carry 3 star Atrox really feel good item : Death cap + gunblade + soujin = overpower

  • CreationsFlare

    Broke: 2 Star Running man with book strat Woke: 2 Star Taric with 4 Mystic shielding everyone from death for several rounds

  • collector96

    You could of went to lvl 9 instead of blowing econ to look for yi and just put in yasuo and got wind and blade master bonus

  • milen penev
    milen penev

    2 star bro not 3

  • Lucky_XIII

    I wanna see him try desert summoner, it's the closest I ever got to a 100 game

  • Ironboy32

    Lmao maokai crit animation is him smashing his face into theirs


    Dude for real stop your ruining of the game, for your greedyness and money, as soon as u make a comp all these newbies build only that the game toes to hell, 6 woodland druid renektons vs me last game 6!!!! Screw you and your stupid channel

  • Daddy

    I got challange for u Make the stunniest comp (Taliyah, Malphite, Nautilus) 2 frozen is ok, but the champs need to stun or buff (Nami) Up for the challange, fellow gamers?

  • Profundo Estupidez
    Profundo Estupidez

    It really isn't, berserker glacial predator poison is tier s and no others stand a chance.

  • Harrison P
    Harrison P

    Best TFT video yet, what a comeback and cool comp/positioning

  • Lucas

    the first time i see 1 hp comebacks

  • Helmi Ari
    Helmi Ari

    You should title 1 HP can win..

  • DaarQ

    try 6 warden + 4 mystic

  • sigit laksana
    sigit laksana

    hey toast crank up the volume in game next time i can't hear it

  • lunaria flora
    lunaria flora

    butt clencher

  • Mohd FC Dungeon
    Mohd FC Dungeon

    bro can u try warden + mytic?

  • wild ranjer
    wild ranjer

    Man you ar pro omg tft .You pley ranc;

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C

    Liked and comment only for the singing and butt clenching. lol. GG that was dope!

  • tornike janikashvili
    tornike janikashvili

    you should buy Ashe

  • Levis Gaming
    Levis Gaming

    I think this comp would be better with yasuo

  • Xuan Ho
    Xuan Ho

    please stop saying's pronounced leblan

  • Alfred Claimor
    Alfred Claimor

    Unless he plays against real threat players like scarra does it's hillarious to watch over and over again

  • Don Hines
    Don Hines

    Did he really say extra crispy recipe!

  • LordBen24

    You mean "the overpowered 2-star morello Singed feat. poison and mystic"

    • LordBen24

      @Sanya Shaihov Singed did most of the work tho

    • Sanya Shaihov
      Sanya Shaihov

      You mean 2star Taric saving 4 rounds in a row

  • кити фокс
    кити фокс

    not bad

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    Ad-city is really annoying.

  • Wozart Entertainment
    Wozart Entertainment

    You leaked the mountain comp now everyone using it... So make another one but this time how to countered that. 😅

    • Jedi

      Now i wonder how you would counter a comp with lots of anti-magic, silence and healing... *coughs in redbuff olaf*

  • Randy

    So your buying everything at random and selling it so that other people don’t get it, correct?

    • Loo Qualiz
      Loo Qualiz


  • Aaron Best
    Aaron Best

    Yanno Toast is one of the few GRsoftrs who's clickbaity titles I am completely okay with. Mainly because they aren't lies, instead overstated truths

  • A Oh
    A Oh

    Surprised the title wasn't 1 HP come back lol! The ending was very unexpected!

  • cBake0

    Taric is too strong to not get lol

  • P Shuckle
    P Shuckle

    So I saw this title of this video and before watching tried a 4 mystics and 6 warden build... The early game sucked naturally as I was rushing levels but vlad filled in for a bit and came in clutch. However the full build was so worth it and I was super lucky with my warden mails so I ended up with 2. All ended up 2 star too. Master Yi (warden mailed), Nami (warden mailed), Taric, Janna, Malphite, Aatrox (I mean I didn't need more wardens at that point so I figured light + blademaster was the perfect fit), Soraka, Thresh, Nasus. Anyway time to watch the video.

    • Junior Jaw
      Junior Jaw

      If you ever go for the hard stuff such as this Mystic team, Light team and so on. It's always nice to just buy all the Woodland as your main stuff then transitioning to the stuff you actually want.

    • mohammed LOL
      mohammed LOL

      cool but that hard to make ( ´・・)ノ(._.`)

  • Andrew Fink
    Andrew Fink

    I prefer the title "OVERPOWERED 2 3-cost, 2 4-cost, 4 5-cost ALL 2-STAR STRATEGY"

  • Harris Mancer
    Harris Mancer


  • Frank Wu
    Frank Wu

    This is such a high risk high reward strat lol

  • Boeh Chan
    Boeh Chan

    "This guys toast" hehe

  • Mikel Zaitzeff
    Mikel Zaitzeff

    Such an expensive comp lol.

  • Chris C
    Chris C

    missed the "1 hp comeback?" clickbait title

    • Blossora

      how is it clickbait if it's true

    • A Oh
      A Oh

      i know rite lol.. i didn't expect him to win the game.. thought another 2nd place video. Nice

  • Zilvbra

    Toast: 2 Stars = 3 Stars