The Best Car for Someone in a Wheelchair?! - Our new Tesla Model X!
The Tesla Model X is one of the coolest cars on the planet, and just so happens to be the perfect car for Cambry. Get 1000 free supercharger miles with our code: We knew that getting in and out of a vehicle would be pretty much the same no matter what car we bought. BUT by getting an electric 'self driving' capable vehicle, we could avoid gas stations, and let Cambry's hands take a break while using the Tesla Autopilot. Not to mention the Smart Summon ablities. No more blocked parking lot spaces! The future of electric cars is looking pretty bright. Yeah, a Tesla is very expensive at the moment, just like all technology, its interesting to know that the technology exists, and will get cheaper and more common with time.
See why Dan Sold this Tesla HERE:
HUGE Thanks to Luxe Auto Spa for protecting the inside of Cambry's new ride:
Learn more of Cambry's story here:
Cambry's Instagram:
Falling asleep on Autopilot?!:
Wrapping Dan's (well... now our) Tesla:
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Green Pry tool:
Metal phone opening tool:
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    No scratch test and bend test?? Ok..

  • TheRandomGamer

    The summon mode reminds me the parking ticket avoidance mode 😂

  • Abdel Ouedraogo
    Abdel Ouedraogo

    Poor Cambry, don't go out unless you really have to, don't have any disability; but still don't know if I'd be as strong as you are. Courage to you and Jerry

  • Keviniiiiii

    Thanks for bringing insight on how design and technology affects people’s life! Edit: certainly didnt think the summon feature can be used to mitigate physical limitations like that!

  • That One Nerd
    That One Nerd

    “My wife scratches at a level 3 with deeper grooves at a level 4.”

  • Andrew Konhauser
    Andrew Konhauser

    Did I just watch a 13 minute ad

  • Rocco Jordan
    Rocco Jordan

    Zacks story is like how the jet black iphone 7 man turned bis life around

  • Mikka Wicaksono Suryaputra
    Mikka Wicaksono Suryaputra

    Its from whatts inside

  • XxMe0wNiAxX

    The Tesla scratches on level 6 with deeper groves at level 7

  • Tinyfool

    Cool car and cool girl.

  • Khoaeash Dhawan
    Khoaeash Dhawan

    Mission Impossible

  • Kaan Bozkurt
    Kaan Bozkurt

    Very bad design for a retarded person. Look out for brilliant german designs where the wheelchair is simply lifted into the vehicle automatically

  • Sophia lovewayrecords
    Sophia lovewayrecords

    She’s so pretty

  • DisturbedParadise

    I dunno about an electric gas pedal. Seems like it could go wrong

  • Ghazi Taher
    Ghazi Taher

    give the Tesla a bend test

  • Sam C
    Sam C

    tag elon, he will come up with something

  • kill me
    kill me

    You're handsome, but in a very weird way, i dont get it

  • Adrián gonzales Batista
    Adrián gonzales Batista


  • Tom Quick
    Tom Quick

    Holy shit! It's so mad how we take things as simple as jumping in the car for granted! I've never seen or thought of how a wheelchair user gets kn and out before

  • Kareem Matar
    Kareem Matar

    Is it a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7

  • Edward Rivas
    Edward Rivas


  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson

    10:21 nice :)

  • TheD1fficult

    10:40 yikes. Never put your hand through the steering wheel.

  • Tube Specific
    Tube Specific

    I love how it's a high tech personal space ship looking out of a science fiction, but $84,000 is a very steep price beyond what 95% can afford or qualify for credit on. Glad it works well for someone in a wheelchair to be more independent. I would be a very proud happy car owner to have a Tesla Model X. I see this car often in the city the past couple months going what is that cool looking gender neutral thing out of science fiction story. This big car needs 4 wheel drive function for Winter and mountain areas where Winter can unexpectedly appear at very odd times.

  • yramirez389

    Marks in comments

  • series team
    series team

    How can you spend 100;000$ on a car I never even spent 40;000:(

  • Samuel Hunter
    Samuel Hunter

    I think tesla should add a ramp that is built into the car for people with disability's and have a hook on the ground that the wheel chair could hook into so it doesn't move about well driving and the seats can be removed and put back in

  • Cosbys

    This car is basically house

  • heyitsjos

    Scratch test would be on 9 and deeper grooves on 10

  • Maples01

    I'll keep my 73 Ford Econoline, I have no problem filling it with gas, if you can't handle that, you shouldn't drive, WTF you going out for, you get out of the chair at the store, your argument is invalid! Hey tell the 280 miles doesn't include with AC, heat, windshield wipers, headlights on.

  • Maples01

    The best car, WTF you think disabled people win the lotto?

  • M. Hafiz Ishak
    M. Hafiz Ishak

    Bloody hell, the stuff she has to do just to get inside the car! Hope Zach mods the insides of the Model X so it becomes super easy for her to get her wheelchair in the car. Mad respect for handicapped drivers!

  • Indonesia

    What happened to his wife ?

  • dapivimu

    God bless this man, I have no idea how someone so active can deal with a partner with such disability. I know it’s love but it must get difficult at times. I can’t begin to comprehend the strength it takes not to be tempted to be with someone that’s abled.

  • Elm ma
    Elm ma

    She is so beautiful 😍

  • Matthew Rose
    Matthew Rose

    Hi I'm new and I'm also have a mental disability loved seeing your wife drive the car did you ever think taking Dan and Lincoln for a ride while your wife is driving

  • Aidan Hathaway
    Aidan Hathaway

    The doors arent falcon theyre known as Gullwing (car enthusiastic me was triggered when you said falcon)

  • Andrey Lucas
    Andrey Lucas

    I'm pretty sure someone from Tesla watched this. Let's make it reach Elon on Twitter and achieve a better solution for accessibility in the future Tesla's. Also the brainers can develop new wheelchairs as well. Very nice video.

  • The Car drawer
    The Car drawer

    His voice sounds not real

  • LoV 91zA1
    LoV 91zA1


  • S K
    S K

    This makes me so happy your showing for wheelchair users.. elderly people who have money would love this too..

  • kejorafall

    He talks so formally like a robot

  • ThisorThat

    Thanks for the Vid. It's a huge help. We are looking at a X for our special needs son who also has a wheelchair, and the X passenger doors are very enticing. Can you tell me about any maintenance issues you might have had ? Thanks.

  • Eric vuong
    Eric vuong

    are you going to post another video on this vehicle

  • ElLocoGAY _mer.17
    ElLocoGAY _mer.17

    Is this legal?

  • dre murray
    dre murray

    Thats too much for her some one should design a wheel chair that folds right down with one pull instead of disassemble


    Do you live in Utah?

  • kellogzDaGoat


  • Nate Ventrella
    Nate Ventrella

    Why not just tie a small length of rope to inside of hatch? Then she could've used the hatch in her old cars. Just a thought, maybe other wheelchair users will see this? 🤷‍♂️

  • S.R Complex
    S.R Complex

    But most of wheelchair person don’t have money to buy a tesla 😕

    • S.R Complex
      S.R Complex

      Pipi Pipi hey from where u are

    • Pipi Pipi
      Pipi Pipi

      S.R Complex Capitalism serves capital. Not humans. Money/possessions are on top. Until it all goes down and collapse. Then the coliseum will eat itself.

  • Mushtaq Ahmed
    Mushtaq Ahmed

    Hi which is the hand control you are using, please share the link

  • •Lovely Lily•
    •Lovely Lily•

    That car is calling the other cars dumb because that’s a very smart car 🤣

  • al mai
    al mai

    Their relationship makes me so happy

  • D Cubias
    D Cubias

    At first I was like " those mountains look familiar..." Then I realize that it's utah!!! Huge fan from Logan!!!

  • Tina Collins
    Tina Collins

    You picked a smashing guy canbry

  • Alexandros Efthimiou
    Alexandros Efthimiou

    You re the most beautiful girl I ve ever see

  • Putri Asri Aisyah
    Putri Asri Aisyah

    I hope this car being made in massive production because a lot of people gonna need this car and it'll be really helpful for them

  • Ahsan Iqbal
    Ahsan Iqbal


  • Zephaniah De Haven
    Zephaniah De Haven

    My car goes 426 miles on a tank of gas, I could out drive a Tesla for distance.

  • Blake

    The man speaks like a sim/droid.