The 3 STAR SION Hyper-Carry Dream! ⭐⭐⭐ ft. Scarra | Teamfight Tactics Set 2 | TFT League of Legends
Disguised Toast
The power duo, Disguised Toast and Scarra are on the TFT grind again. Watch as Toast builds a dreamy Hyper Carry Sion to try and defeat his opponents. Enjoy some more wholesome banter and Teamfight Tactics action!
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  • Awsemome Julian
    Awsemome Julian

    Really fun strat I did the other day 6 mages with a GA zed who has magecap. He makes so many clones and they all get ga

  • Ionut Freak
    Ionut Freak

    can you not sing are cringe

  • Hover YT
    Hover YT

    Zyra there go my plant and WW dafug? I can't hit it?

  • Sean Chaney
    Sean Chaney

    Get some legends of runeterra videos going toast

  • Nicolás Torres Olivares
    Nicolás Torres Olivares

    you singing look what you made me do was the best thing i've ever seen

  • Erick Maldonado
    Erick Maldonado

    uh can someone tell me wtf is up 26.47 idk how to put timestamp but seriously he went all exorcist voice

  • K'apliel D
    K'apliel D

    I'm new but didn't he miss a sion 20:08

  • Keiran o'leary
    Keiran o'leary

    Do you think, it's possible to get taurric to a point where he is healing off the the double belt item so much that he can't die.

  • Kukuburra

    Can anyone explain why he put RFC on Leona?

  • Sami

    locket to get mana stacked

  • Kevin Fechner
    Kevin Fechner

    Toast: "I cant' win with bm spetula again." Scarra: "I mean..." Toast: "No, my honor." agree 100%

  • Corcunda_PT

    i try 1 build on tft but is realy weak against mages and infernal, is a 6 warden comp with electric. the MVP is a voli warden with lockets, ornn and braum is important for synergy with voli. ornn with crit and lunar is good to proc electric buff. most of the time, voli 3 with 1 locket is 1k dmg and can refresh if kill, so 1k to finish each champoion i think is good

  • ShadowHunter

    Just a question that I don’t know, y toast can out 9/8, is it a bug?

  • Abdulkarim Eid
    Abdulkarim Eid


  • Kevin Kalbermatten
    Kevin Kalbermatten

    Damn, Scarra is smart.

  • Miihau

    I put on this videos to fall asleep to but the screening at the end didn't help Kappa

  • teo tsatalis
    teo tsatalis

    No-one: Toast in every video: Aight i need to pee

  • TeamFight Genius
    TeamFight Genius

    love the vids!

  • deninn100

    ffs lay off on the shouting toast

  • RyanJosepher

    I'm thinking two titans and mogs on mundo

  • Shin

    Waiting for the woodland comp clip :)

  • Cristobal Balocchi
    Cristobal Balocchi

    1.000.000 subs yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adrian FC1
    Adrian FC1

    What does it mean an "Exodia combo"?...i gues is something yugioh related

  • Andrew Anderson
    Andrew Anderson

    I always thought it would never allow you to put 9/8 units on the board until today wtffff

  • cssLiquicity

    sag mal toast... lernst du gerade Deutsch oder was xD greetz from Bavaria

  • Fede leo
    Fede leo

    That Elrond quote was superbe :)

  • lodovico paris
    lodovico paris

    where does he stream? I can't find him .. his last live on twitch was four months ago

    • Benjamin Yang
      Benjamin Yang

      lodovico paris he streams exclusively on Facebook now!

    • Joe56747


  • Faris Iqmal
    Faris Iqmal

    Oh~ that's a neat trick. 9/8. I always removed them just incase the game auto sells the unit. Hehehe

  • podde

    gz on 1 mill

  • Nevrost

    Btw you can check how much you need to lvl up just mouse on blue xp button

  • Steven Olson
    Steven Olson

    @Editor, I appreciate the beeping and other edits! Please do it more. Thanks!

  • Nevrost

    Will you play in high elo not gold?

  • Volkan Türk
    Volkan Türk

    This guy is getting worse every video since he started to play for titles. Thats sad

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Exodia police isn't happy. There is missing EXODIA in the title

  • ameer Almhamed
    ameer Almhamed

    1 m sub congratulations

  • Michael Skofild
    Michael Skofild

    toast hash got nerf man>> use sord bercker its better then hash

  • Nehemz

    5:58 Toast: I dont know how people win with Berserkers. Such a foreign concept to me. Me: Winning 2020 with Berserkers + Predators with hyper carry OLAF

  • danh nhan
    danh nhan

    Never watch any GRsoftr makes as much weird sounds as this guys 🤢🤢

  • Emircan Geçici
    Emircan Geçici

    6 woodland?

  • Georg Schnetz
    Georg Schnetz

    u make so many groan and moan noises jeez

  • Jaime Miguel Racher
    Jaime Miguel Racher

    14:45 illegal sorcery!

  • Friedrich Scholler
    Friedrich Scholler

    Sion didn't carry once, love the title tho

  • DemonGodAsura

    I love that toast uploads right when I start shift at work ❤

  • Munni Bear
    Munni Bear

    Toast: Thanks for the tip Scarra. Scarra: I'll give you the rest later ;)

  • KMaan

    Upload Times changed 😥 hohe u Upload 2 hohes earlier so i can watch u in bed. :)

  • Marcus Chan
    Marcus Chan

    Question is blademaster olaf or berserker poison if u take the spat?

  • Lifepoint

    extra cringey in this vid, toast. Keep up the good work

    • Claudia Gabriela
      Claudia Gabriela

      Well i can see you dont like taylor swift

  • Vuong Nguyen
    Vuong Nguyen

    3:06 who is that at the door ?

  • Wolfzy177

    Karma and Leona get lunar Diana and Soraka: “Are we a joke to you?”

    • SerenitysCall

      @1000 Eyes karma doesnt either... rito just balances it out with skins lol... Infernal diana giving lunar buff would make 0 sense

    • 1000 Eyes
      1000 Eyes

      Wolfzy177 well soraka does not have anything with the mon to do in lore

  • Tyler Woody
    Tyler Woody

    Video starts 0:31

  • Can Keser
    Can Keser

    Stop screaming WTF

  • Ho_oH

    Would a tribute at a masquerade ball be a disguised toast?

  • Yongzhi Xiao
    Yongzhi Xiao

    Anyone else is still waiting for six woodland?

  • André Cesar
    André Cesar

    Things that have in (almost) every video: 1: 1st place 2: Good rng 3: Toast goes to the bathroom until 5 min

  • Vincent Rothengatter
    Vincent Rothengatter

    I still don't get it, toast is gold 1? Does he have a other account?

    • Omar Saf
      Omar Saf

      PLS reply to him I am also dying to know

  • Hellopleesh

    I love that Scarra and Toast switch off who is gonna make bad calls. It can never be both being smart.

  • Corey McNaught
    Corey McNaught

    Toast can you do a stack nasus build with titans resolve? Do it for the meme?

  • Jean Pierre
    Jean Pierre

    Question! One of the conditions to make a GRsoft video from the livestream is that he had to go to the bathroom during the Game??

  • Samantha Davis
    Samantha Davis

    Toast you need to do 3 zephyr game it’s so funny

  • Cow

    Spoiler: Sion had nothing to do with the win.

    • Th3Ey3

      Pretty sure he meant to spell Scarra Hyper-Carry, not Sion :)