Star Wars: The High Republic | Announcement Trailer
Star Wars
Set 200 years prior to the events of Star Wars: the Phantom Menace, the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order are at their height, serving and protecting the galaxy.

Featuring brand-new stories from five authors set in an all-new era, this is Star Wars: The High Republic.

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  • Ben

    Write and tell stories ONE BY ONE. Trying to build the outline first is silly. Build outwards from a single story... SMH

  • Allen Knott
    Allen Knott

    Hey Disney, maybe you can focus on just telling a better story. It's a Star Wars it had always had diverse. None of this writers are anything.

  • BLUniverse

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="139">2:19</a> is that Laurence Fishburne

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    The PRE prequels

  • Aoyama

    Please make it good.....

  • Derek Hudson
    Derek Hudson

    This feels a lot like Tod Howard talking about Elder Scrolls and Fallout...from that brainstorming board I'm not excited.

  • George Grubb
    George Grubb

    We want army’s of sith warriors not space vikings

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      George Grubb this is an era where the Sith has been eradicated from the galaxy, suddenly having Sith warriors would just retcon the fact that the Sith has been associated with the galaxy. And in a universe with space pirates, the idea of Space Vikings somehow is more baffling

  • Kymani E
    Kymani E

    At this point just make a star wars in a separate universe. It just feels boring that u are riding off of the same story.

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      Kymani E what some story, the High Republic is something entirely new and they are telling a whole new set of stories set in this era.

  • The Conductor Esplin
    The Conductor Esplin

    Pack it up boys Starwars is going to ruin the prequels Dont watch this film if you support starwars

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      The Conductor Esplin Its a new era of books and comics, its not movies. Also, this is going to be set far away from the prequels and have nothing to do with the main Skywalker saga.

  • Christian Jackson
    Christian Jackson

    When or then again HOW could this story ever end? New characters, new subjects. So, I think it should never end!!

  • Lupin Dangerously
    Lupin Dangerously

    I hope you guys don't F#%× this up

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      @The Conductor Esplin Because these writers are a new set of writers. They have even worked on some fan-favorite Star Wars content in the new canon. They are not the ones who worked on the movies. But I honestly hope to god that they have more planets that are not just another dessert and have more than just one biome.

    • Lupin Dangerously
      Lupin Dangerously

      @Henry Louis there was already a bunch of diversity with dozens of different species of humanoids. And if you read any of the books like Legacy of the Jedi you might agree that there was a very good variety of diversity without forcing it down everybody's throat there were several powerful or should I say mighty female characters. We don't want virtue signaling we want to escape from the sjw world we're in right now LOL and just enjoy a good tail

    • The Conductor Esplin
      The Conductor Esplin

      @Henry Louis Oh come on Do you really think they want to focus on a variety of characters from different places They didn't do it with the Disney sequels why would they do that here

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      The Conductor Esplin Diversity does not only mean identity politics, it means variety in story telling, they are going to have different sets of planets, characters, locations and variety in storytelling. It does not mean identity politics.

    • The Conductor Esplin
      The Conductor Esplin

      On the black board it says they need to focus on diversity

  • BowlofIndoMee

    All I see are unworthy people parading on George Lucas' throne

  • Anthony Penney
    Anthony Penney

    Where are the sith? What a dissapointment

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      Anthony Penney The Sith are supposed to be gone from the galaxy and in hiding, since this is set during a time of peace.

  • Ryan Fletcher
    Ryan Fletcher

    Disney should be blacklisted from this

  • Marlon Chingee
    Marlon Chingee

    The longer I watched the trailer. The worse it got.

  • Elijah Neil
    Elijah Neil

    If they went back to the old republic, they would most likely change a lot of characters backstory. This gives them more free story telling ideas and an opportunity to create more great characters. Plus they could also always go to the old republic after this

  • Bill Clark
    Bill Clark

    This story may be great. Ignore the ungrestful fans. But we need likable characters and different personalities. We also need different adventures and cool local factions. We also need cool super hero, detective, and po lmk ice style stories. With small scale battles, judicial forces, unpredictable variables, and jedi deaths every now and then from overwhelming odds.

  • Éxâr Küñ
    Éxâr Küñ

    Everyone in there looks woke

  • Werkhs

    ahh sh*t here we go for the first time

  • CJ T
    CJ T

    Now that Disney owns Star Wars my dream of a rated R darth bane trilogy will never happen :(

    • Elijah Neil
      Elijah Neil

      CJ T, that could still happen, bane is cannon

  • Aaron Sky_Strider
    Aaron Sky_Strider

    so this is a movie movie? or a tv show? lol

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      Aaron Sky_Strider Its an era of book and comics, they literally say this in the trailer.

  • J4ySc4r

    Please do not mess it up Disney

  • Nola Stephen
    Nola Stephen

    We need Darty Reven

  • Yeeticus Finch
    Yeeticus Finch

    “And we ask ourselves what’s gotta scare the Jedi?” Sith. It’s sith you dipshits

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      Yeeticus Finch They talk about what scares the Jedi during this time period, during a time where the Sith is gone from the galaxy.

    • Elijah Neil
      Elijah Neil

      They were planning there ultimate revenge in secret so they wouldn’t be fighting the jedi and maybe they influence these “space Vikings” in secret

  • GRCreamyCorn Cream
    GRCreamyCorn Cream

    Bring reylo back or Ben so him and ray can be happy


    Prequels: “You could not live with your own failure, where did that bring you ? back to me.”

  • Wings137

    How would you describe the Jedi 200 years before Phantom Menace? Disney: Two words...Texas Rangers.

    • Robo Epic
      Robo Epic

      Lol what

  • Weston Birmingham
    Weston Birmingham

    So there’s no sith? Yeah no sith=no Star Wars

    • Weston Birmingham
      Weston Birmingham

      Henry Louis Ik but I hope we can agree it is a key component to Star Wars. It just wouldn’t be the same.

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      Weston Birmingham Star Wars is so much more then just Sith vs Jedi.

  • Yaylo Xbot
    Yaylo Xbot

    Man i defeat them in angry bird and lego game

  • Sushi4Nobushi

    Is it just me or was Star Wars way better before Disney got their hands on it

    • Robo Epic
      Robo Epic

      Of course it was

  • Cole Hultman
    Cole Hultman

    Ah yes, diverse diversity, more important than anything

  • ChickenTendys55

    I have made my own Star Wars sub era that is set 300 years before Darth Bane’s rule of two, it is called the Dark Republic-era. It is set during a time where the Jedi and Sith Were at each other’s throats.

    • ChickenTendys55

      This era of mine is set during the Old Republic you heard this right this era of mine takes place during the time of the Great Jedi and Sith Wars Of Ancient Old... Now, please comment to these statements I have made. And I better get a heart from the channel and lots of comments reacting to this.

  • Wilson Yu
    Wilson Yu

    I read most of the Redwall novels and as a fantasy fiction reader, story chronology and publications are not always ‘consistent’. So there’s always prequels and sequels take place many years before or after the first story.

  • Wilson Yu
    Wilson Yu

    Sounds cool but strange how there won’t be any Sith in the story. The Sith after Old Republic are in hiding until the Canon era.

    • Wilson Yu
      Wilson Yu

      @AnthonyGRsoftFan Perhaps, even those are hidden as well, in many star systems. Even the Jedi won't be fighting Sith Lords in this story, I imagine the Jedi will run into old Sith temples, artifacts, history of the Dark Side. More like easter eggs.

    • AnthonyYouTubeFan

      Supposedly, Sith artifacts and alchemy may be at work in this particular story.


    tv series for darth bane video game remake of knights of the old republic

  • Alejandro Ruiz Damián
    Alejandro Ruiz Damián

    We want CLONE WARS

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      Alejandro Ruiz Damián You already got Clone Wars, it is on Disney Plus

  • Mango Steel
    Mango Steel

    We gave them a blank slate. What would you like to tell? Disney: I’ve got it... Space Vikings!

  • RyanD

    when your wishes for star wars are diversity and representation, your main focus isnt the story

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      RyanD The writers are focused on the story, its just a wish they have to have more inclusivity in their stories.

  • ZeFFir

    "Diversity" - im out of this before it even starts.

    • Unknown

      @Henry Louis We shall see. Based on their past movies and products, I'm more than skeptical on the idea that they're really using your definition.

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      ZeFFir Diversity does not mean identity politics, it means variety in storytelling, locations, aliens etc. It does not just mean identity politics.

    • jj binx
      jj binx


  • Hello There
    Hello There

    So no more Star Wars movies just books....THERES SPIN OFFS YA KNOW!

  • Axel Jair Mejorado García
    Axel Jair Mejorado García

    I think theres another garbage starwars movie mushing things UP again hoping it stick


    If they follow the SJW agenda, it is already a failure.

  • Screaming Eagle Studios 6
    Screaming Eagle Studios 6

    Mom can I have Star Wars the old republic Mom: we have that at home. The old republic at home:

  • Lumen

    Disney really likes to ruin everything they buy, huh?

    • WarnerAnime 020
      WarnerAnime 020

      Lumen Don’t Being such a Pig.

  • KyloQanon

    Please for the love of god, I just want some stuff getting deep into the dark side and the siths culture. The force and midichlorians explained more as well. Lucas wanted to do that supposedly. There's so much to be told.

  • CajunRulez

    Meh.....I want a movie that goes back before the Bane rule of two; back when there were an equal number of Jedi and Sith and the Jedi were not just peace keepers. They had no choice but to be warriors like Samurai b/c of the constant threat of their ancient enemy. That's what I want. A totally different type of Jedi/Sith with Force powers that are probably banned by the Jedi council after the Sith are presumed to be destroyed.

    • WarnerAnime 020
      WarnerAnime 020

      CajunRulez Get over it.

  • Michael-London Gimeno
    Michael-London Gimeno

    What do you lose from naming it The Old Republic something all fans are familiar with.

  • Jack Apollaro
    Jack Apollaro

    I can’t wait to see the cross guard loghtsabers

  • Catdev

    I’m glad Star Wars is looking into a new era that isn’t at all related to any sky walkers!

  • Nathan Bronstein
    Nathan Bronstein

    Just return Star Wars to George Lucas

    • WarnerAnime 020
      WarnerAnime 020

      Nathan Bronstein No, Get over it and Stop Demanding.

  • ingsnaut _
    ingsnaut _

    Lol.... imagine thinking this is gonna be good..

  • Levi Linden
    Levi Linden

    I am so excited for this!!! 😄😄

  • Vinson Post
    Vinson Post

    Oh cool we get to watch disney muck up star wars again

  • Andriy Hirnyak
    Andriy Hirnyak

    This looks kinda meh not gonna lie

    • WarnerAnime 020
      WarnerAnime 020

      Andriy Hirnyak you Been Watch Movies too much.

  • Wesley Whiteside
    Wesley Whiteside

    Jedi... smuglers... bounty hunters... new?

  • Membersonlyvolume69

    All I needed to see was the words sith empire, thank you for your time

  • Joeri Movies
    Joeri Movies

    Exually its 1000 years before the Phantom manace

  • Chronos

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a> There is something about what's written on that board that give me bad vibes. Can you guess what it is? Also that lady at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="79">1:19</a> gives me bad vibes as well. She seems like the type of woman that could get offended if i refer to her using female pronouns.

  • pokemon fan
    pokemon fan

    looks awesome, we'll finally know more bout the jedi ways and how the sith came to be (hopefully) but what i think they should do is make a movie about finn's origins

  • Eashan Bains
    Eashan Bains

    Never thought I'd say it. I don't care about Star Wars anymore.

    • WarnerAnime 020
      WarnerAnime 020

      Eashie Nobody Cares about you anymore, Then.

  • James Barton-Johns
    James Barton-Johns

    why are they trying to make jedis be like cowboys? one of the biggest points about the jedis is that they shouldnt be fighting unless they have to.

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      Terry Jones There is going to be some fighting. Its just not a full scale war. Hell, they said themselves. It’s not Star Wars without adventure, so there is going to be a lot of adventure in the High Republic

    • Terry Jones
      Terry Jones

      Be pretty boring if they didnt fight

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      It's just a concept they are working on. They do say that the Jedi are guardians of peace and justice, so we could see the Jedi traveling around the galaxy like cowboys and bring justice to every planet.

  • The Jedi Master
    The Jedi Master


  • Cody Collects
    Cody Collects

    The nile? a bunch of space Vikings? Geez.

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      @Cody Collects Everyone has an opinion about what Star Wars is really about, and no, its not just the Sith vs the Jedi. Also, this is a fresh new take on a Star Wars story, having non-sith and force sensitives that the Jedi could fight against. The Nihil is, of course, space Vikings, and if their name is saying something. They might have a nihilistic viewpoint, making them scary knowing they are a bunch, nihilists.

    • Cody Collects
      Cody Collects

      @Henry Louis Starwars is all about the Sith vs Jedi, now it's Jedi vs Nile

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      @Cody Collects You feel betrayed, the only reason you would feel betrayed is when they promise you that they will have Sith but is not actually going to have the Sith as the villains of the story.

    • Cody Collects
      Cody Collects

      @Henry Louis I'm a Sith fan, so pardon me if I feel betrayed

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      Cody Collects What? The concept of the Nihil is an interesting one. Judging from their name, it seems like they are a nihilistic group of Space Vikings.

  • abuser name
    abuser name

    Disneys motto "You can't take it with you but we can take it from you." 😆

    • Unknown

      Rey's motto "Anything you can do, I can do better!"

  • abuser name
    abuser name

    "We thought what would that look like?" "Oh... Knights of the round table in the wild west fight vikings."

  • Jonathan Ashton
    Jonathan Ashton

    At least they're making sure that all of these writers are on the same page. Jar Jar Abrams and RJ didn't share a vision and look at what we got.

  • Brian St. James
    Brian St. James

    Any New Republic... Has to include a law....END ALL FORCE USE. Jedi and sith, Cant be trusted.

  • Fotus Knight
    Fotus Knight

    *God this is awful....*

  • Jacob Vu
    Jacob Vu

    Disney should make stuff about the beginning of the Jedi and how they were created or something

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      That's already been explored in the Old Canon, this is something entirely new, where they explore an entirely unexplored section of the Star Wars universe and tell stories set during a team of peace.

  • SolidPrep _MC
    SolidPrep _MC

    sad , there's no mr.High ground story

  • weapon X
    weapon X

    I mean if you really think about it, Disney clearly didn't treat the old characters that were already created too well. So why would you want to let them touch the Old Republic next? I wouldn't wanna see what they do with them. Plus I think this High Republic looks very interesting

  • TAF_ Doom
    TAF_ Doom

    Republic but before the old republic is this? Edit: and is the next star wars saga is the child from the last jedi?

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      TAF_ Doom What? This is set 200 years before the Phantom Menace, meaning this takes place after the Old Republic.

  • Hydapse

    The word of the day is Revan

  • Maclaren

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="186">3:06</a> Kratos?

  • NickPocalypse

    Bring back the clones!

  • #BoneThrone

    there is loads for star wars comics and books they could have made films from and made the fans happy storys from some of the old games anything but this rubbish one more fail

    • Terry Jones
      Terry Jones

      Those old games and comics are never as good the second time around anyway. Society changes and pop culture reflects that. Notice how a lot of villains are turning into heroes these days? It's a reflection of society, what's important to us will be different in 6 months let alone 20yrs. Lol ya know

  • Corey Moser
    Corey Moser

    Will this be a movie or a book

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      Corey Moser Its going to be books and comics.

  • Alec Rauf
    Alec Rauf

    And please no more disney garbage, I want blood and gore. Star wars rated R 😂

    • WarnerAnime 020
      WarnerAnime 020

      Alec Rauf No, Get over it and Don’t being such a Greedy Pig.

    • Nerd Empire
      Nerd Empire

      Alec Rauf Comics and Books can be rates R?

  • Alec Rauf
    Alec Rauf

    Just name it old republic

    • WarnerAnime 020
      WarnerAnime 020

      Alec Rauf Nobody Cares about what you Said.

    • Alec Rauf
      Alec Rauf

      @Henry Louis still seems boring, old republic for the win

    • Henry Louis
      Henry Louis

      Alec Rauf this isn’t the old Republic, the High Republic is set 200 years before the Skywalkers while the Old Republic is set 3000 years before the Skywalkers. The High Republic is set during a time where the Republic where at their highest and during a golden age of peace and calm

  • Pepsi Man
    Pepsi Man

    wait so this is a game right

    • Nerd Empire
      Nerd Empire

      Pepsi Man No, that ate books and comics