Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Part 13
Its finally time! We are beginning the suspension lift on this once totaled 2020 jeep gladiator rubicon. We have been waiting on this moment for a while and we can't wait to see how it turns out. Also we get an unexpected call to take a look at a new build!!! Stay tuned and thanks for watching!!!
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  • CJ Off-Road
    CJ Off-Road

    Sounds great Guys, glad to be a part of your build!

    • Rick Wright
      Rick Wright

      The Bentley... it just seemed to me, it was one red flag after another, and still haven't seen all of it. You guys are better than that type of deal... in my opinion

    • Nathan Faria
      Nathan Faria

      Definitely stay away from that bentley, there was a nice 350z behind it. That would be nice to see you guys fix up

    • Don Ochetti
      Don Ochetti

      Sounds amazing!

    • Gilberto Sartorel
      Gilberto Sartorel

      @Vitja Hertfelder not a V12, but a W12 not a good deal

    • GOOD BOI
      GOOD BOI

      @goonzsquad put a hellcat engine in that

  • JB Cepeda
    JB Cepeda

    I have never heard of anyone shaddier than that guy selling pieces of BENTLEY. Dont buy that one or anything else from those guys for sure.

  • Caleb Reilly
    Caleb Reilly

    Don't do the bently after u rebuild or pops truck and he becomes a car hauler get his 18 wheeler and rebuild it

  • Felipe [DR] Panda
    Felipe [DR] Panda

    take other bentley. I didnt like this. Somethings wrong. Bentleys, AMGs, sounds good

  • John Derek Mitchell
    John Derek Mitchell

    TT 427 LS swap for the Bentley. Go with Coil Overs.

  • Jeremy Butler
    Jeremy Butler

    I'm gonna be real...without having a checklist and knowledge of the vehicle you dont know if everything is actually there...not only that buys it's clearly been sitting out in the elements collecting mold and probably rodents and everything else...I dont doubt that you will be able to put it back to factory...ur a very talented team...from what I'm looking at all I see is very expensive trash...even if u do get it for 5000 or 10000 I still feel like you'll be in for about 100k in parts and endless troubles with it in the future. And to add to that it will take so long to get together where you can drive it that theres a chance people will get bored of watching the same project they might unsubscribe or just not watch anymore...I love bentleys but this one might be a bit too far gone

  • Anthony Vieira
    Anthony Vieira

    I wouldn’t do the Bentley because the way it looked and the story behind it seems a bit off. And the way that they had all the parts scattered around and him not knowing where anything is, is a little weird. And keep on going guys the vids are great.

  • Ethan Macheras
    Ethan Macheras

    Cant wait for new exhaust and new build and the rest of the suspension!

  • WeedSmoker

    The chrome intercooler is not cool, they’re ugly af

  • DoogelCraft

    don't get the bentley you going to end up with a huge loss and might not get it back together

  • Southern Scuttle
    Southern Scuttle

    I myself wouldnt do that new build idea because it is apart and didnt see it assembled.

  • giovanni gatti
    giovanni gatti

    It is a project that engages too many economic resources in the face of an uncertain gain.

  • Kai France
    Kai France

    It doesn’t extend

  • Dwayne Donovan
    Dwayne Donovan

    That is a nice jeep

  • TryHardGamer10

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1054">17:34</a> does anybody know what cordless power hand tool they are using?

  • Riff Raff
    Riff Raff

    About the Bentley- "Run Forrest, RUN"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Giancarlo Torretta
    Giancarlo Torretta

    Never ever the Bentley. I believe a crashed car wouldn`t be a problem for you. But someone else took it apart. Let it be ! This is only an expensive puzzle and time waste. Doable but for what a price in money and time ?!

  • Jeff Spirdione
    Jeff Spirdione

    I'd rapidly walk away from that Bentley.

  • John Galuska
    John Galuska

    Run from that Bentley, those guys are gettin rid of it for a reason

  • OMG Wonders
    OMG Wonders

    You guys gotta stop getting cars and do something with the cars you have now, let’s see some off roading with the jeep, or auto cross with the Ferrari’s or the Honda?? You guys fix them which is cool, but then we never see videos after there fixed, I miss the cop car content too

  • Eddie

    Love your channel. You should do a G63

  • John G. Adams
    John G. Adams


  • Steve Champion
    Steve Champion


  • Alexander Levene
    Alexander Levene

    Screw the Bentley you all should do a pre runner

  • Redneck Mechanic
    Redneck Mechanic

    Don’t do a bentley i did and it was a horrible idea and a waste of money

  • Joe Tucker
    Joe Tucker

    Hell no on the bently, there is nothing cool about them.

  • House Waterman
    House Waterman

    Do not get into that Bentley problem! Avoid!!

  • adam williams
    adam williams

    do an audi build and finish the nissan

  • Kaylin Naidoo
    Kaylin Naidoo

    Bentley build❤️👌

  • Porter McSorley
    Porter McSorley

    That Bentley build looks like nothing but a headache. Just look at Tavarish.

  • Official Jordan Solomon
    Official Jordan Solomon

    Don't get the bentley. Its a scam. You can't do jackshit to it

  • Ryan Romano
    Ryan Romano

    If you do wind up building it you should sell it to @itsjusta6

  • Chill Brass
    Chill Brass

    Please don’t buy it

  • Montra T
    Montra T

    How he looked when he said v12🤣🤣

  • Daniel Jeff garcia
    Daniel Jeff garcia

    v12 engine

  • NicksYTsnipes !
    NicksYTsnipes !

    Do not do the Bentley build

  • Jordan H
    Jordan H


  • Stevie Wildey
    Stevie Wildey

    Bentley engine hard to work on when dropped into the bay, very cramped, love to see a euro build for sure though.. dangggg son

  • Mujteba Al Hajaj
    Mujteba Al Hajaj

    Pass on the Bentley

  • Tim Williams
    Tim Williams


  • Sev

    Pass on the Bentley. Nothing but bad vibes coming off of that thing. Look for something else.

  • William McCoy
    William McCoy

    Pass on the Bentley

  • Jesse B
    Jesse B

    "i just gotta pull the Ferrari's out"' Is a problem I wish I had lol

  • Fabian Melendrez
    Fabian Melendrez

    Stay away from that Bentley just a bunch of trouble and time waisted. Not worth it invest that money on a nice truck.

  • The Celtic Detector
    The Celtic Detector

    Big no to the Bentley guys, it’s someone else’s bag of shite, that’s a money pit for sure

  • kyle_rides_ scoots
    kyle_rides_ scoots

    I wouldn’t do the Bentley seems sketchy

  • Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
    Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic

    To be honest I wouldn't be too interested in the Bentley project. And the material they use for fenders like the viper and even corvettes I believe is fiberglass! Would be sick if you guys did up a sleeper as your next project. Like a true sleeper.

  • Horacio Gonzalez
    Horacio Gonzalez

    No on Bentley

  • Nino Ceballos
    Nino Ceballos

    No on the Bentley, something is fishy!

  • James B
    James B

    Hi how it going love the jeep. Having a hard time in finding a fuel tank for a 2004 chevy chevrolet s10 4x4 LS crew cab short bed can u help Me out I also have a jeep grand Cherokee 2004 Has 316692 miles on it and steel going

  • j jones
    j jones

    Don't get me wrong exotics are cool but most people will never own or even see them. Trucks and Jeeps and muscle cars are your bread and butter! Stick with those plus that Bentley looks like 6 projects rolled into one. Stay far away!

  • civic_vtec_92

    I'd steer well away from the Bentley, would be a massive headache and money pit

  • Mr.Shoelace 01
    Mr.Shoelace 01

    Nah those guys seemed sketchy specially because they had some weird stories,skip the Bentley.

  • Jay Platt
    Jay Platt

    I’d pass on the Bentley

  • Clinton Mailula
    Clinton Mailula

    I think best idea is to buy one of the running cars the BMW M4 or other one

  • nic peterson
    nic peterson

    I'd stay away from the Bentley! I know our shop went through hell trying to get parts because we arent an "authorized" Bentley shop.

  • nikos papadomanolakis
    nikos papadomanolakis

    Find new car for rebuld seat leon cupra 5f

  • James Davies
    James Davies

    What’s the sound at the start of the video

  • piyush mittal
    piyush mittal

    do bentley project

  • emmanuel muthomi
    emmanuel muthomi

    The supercharger purge sounds insane sooooo insane

  • emmanuel muthomi
    emmanuel muthomi

    The dude doesn't look that compitent and he doesn't reaaallly know his stuff but you could get the silver one and mybe do it.....mybe a motor swap you dont have to do the same engine mybe a 2jz ...... Or mybe the hemi

  • Muhammad Hamad
    Muhammad Hamad

    Stay away from the Bentley. Doing a Mercedes would be great!

  • Bucks RC World
    Bucks RC World

    no to the b..

  • Yakov Toisig
    Yakov Toisig

    I don't think it's a good idea to get in the Bentley think

  • . Scout
    . Scout

    Sounds like the guy isnt telling you the whole story about the bently, walk away from that head ache

  • ricky gibbs
    ricky gibbs

    I’d give that Bentley a miss. A new engine gonna cost like 12/15 and parts r not cheap

  • My Adventurous Life
    My Adventurous Life

    No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Run far away from that Bentley project, hell no!!!!! Run!!!

  • Justin Libengood
    Justin Libengood

    Id give the Bentley a hard pass. Looks like to much of a nightmare. If it was me id take the money that u would spend on that rebuild an put it back into ur new shop an more tools.

  • caribdreamin

    The Bentley mess is a pile of sketchy pieces you aren't familiar with, and very expensive, "run Forrest, run away from it!"

  • Hemi426

    Don’t get it way to sketchy

  • Jeff Chandler
    Jeff Chandler

    Hey boys, I'd pass on that Bentley.

  • Isaac Ammerman
    Isaac Ammerman

    Are yall keeping the Jeep?

  • Simon Blunden
    Simon Blunden

    Save your hard earned money boys. That Bentley sounds sketchy AF

  • Wesley Wood
    Wesley Wood

    Need that new shirt in a xxxl I would like to see a 96 bronco, with a coyote conversion, and late model interior!

  • Leo Gaming
    Leo Gaming

    ENGINE SWAPPED BENTLEY Or supercharged aston

  • NS Gaming
    NS Gaming

    No bentley but do a luxury car next that would be awesome

  • Sean Cook
    Sean Cook

    you need a shirt that says: Dang Sonnnn!

  • AliMarieXo

    Hard pass on the Bentley!!

  • George Cramer
    George Cramer

    the jeep almost sounds like the old 4.0l inline 6 engines

  • Costin Dumitru
    Costin Dumitru

    you guys can get in touch with Freddy Tavarish, he’s gonna tell you all you need to know about the Bentley. Heck, he’s trying to finish it for the last 2 years I think 🤣