My PC is idling at 100°C (for one stupid reason)
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My PC is idling at 100°C (for one stupid reason)


  • Kissfan63

    Whats that program you use to check the temps??

  • Dragonscoils

    I know Lyle wouldn't try to game on a PC that's about to set itself on fire.

  • Noee Studio
    Noee Studio

    What program do you use to check your temps

  • Zephr

    Same thing recently happened to me, my corsair h150i pro died after around 2 years

  • Craigslist Boomer
    Craigslist Boomer

    Holy shit you could make some tea on that processor

  • Justin The Matrix
    Justin The Matrix

    That’s a nice pc

  • sunghoon ham
    sunghoon ham

    Your PC got at 100°C. I have a better cooler. You place a radiator near the window. Your Pc goes down cold under 20C.

  • dylan neff
    dylan neff

    One thing you can do to tell if your pump is dead, is to touch both lengths of tubing. One will be very hot AMD one will be cold. Because the pump is locked up, it will lock all the heat on one side. In my experience, anyway.

  • denvera1g1

    Could it be possible the pump had run dry? Is it the highest point in the loop?

  • denvera1g1

    My 3950x is passively cooled most of the time, even while gaming, and can be passive under full laod, as long as the clocks are down to 2.2Ghz

  • coolandrew132 :O
    coolandrew132 :O

    What psu do you have me and u have the exact spec just curious I have evga 500w 80 plus

  • Nathan L.
    Nathan L.

    I recently got a used hx110i gt as part of a package deal, and the pump was seized from the first time I tried to use it. Taking it apart carefully, sediment was locking the pump seal to the impeller, and manually spinning it with a power drill while pressing on it freed it up. I filled the loop with distilled water for a day and then replaced that with antifreeze. Working 100% now, will check it again in about a month.

  • Andrew Hunt
    Andrew Hunt

    I once forgot to take the clear plastic shield off the bottom of a Noctua cooler I put in my server. I'm watching the temperatures steadily climb, but not alarmingly fast, and I'm like "What the heck is going on?" I was thinking maybe defective motherboard? Defective CPU's? Power Supply pushing too much power? So disassembled the setup to troubleshoot and saw the clear, unmarked shield on the bottom of the CPU cooler and went "Oh..." And that entry level/budget cooler looks pretty cool in there.

  • Gilitar

    Corsair makes crap AIO units. I had one fail in very short order leading me back to a good air cooler. Unless you're an overclocker don't waste your time IMO.

  • Cv3nda

    I think that when the pump fails, you dont have to count on the noise it makes ... just have a reasonable fan curve, like 100% on 90-100°C and you will hear the fans being unusually loud

  • AkIRA_22 Game-O-Rama
    AkIRA_22 Game-O-Rama

    AIOs are no good, expensive and do not last. Better to use a decent air cooler.

  • Jonas Vilander
    Jonas Vilander

    This happened to my H100i V2 (240 rad) about 2 months ago when I changed over to a new case(from a Corsair 380T to an NXZT H210). It had the same sound and everything. I originally bought it in 2016(some time around when the 1000 series Nvidia GPUs came out), and sent it in for RMA/Warranty, and I was told it died as a result of both water bubbles forming in the pump(due to orientation), and the coolant just evaporating through the tubing over time.

  • TheOystei

    you should easily do 4.5 on stock voltage, should leave significantly more thermal headroom, well almost same as out of box speed.

  • Alpha Jize
    Alpha Jize

    what case is that?

  • Fman1292

    "can you hear that" yea i can thats the result of air trapped in your pump because your pump is above your radiator causing the air to be trapped up top because air doesnt follow the laws of gravity and go down the tube it remainds a the top of the lopp ( in the case the pump is the highest point) which caused your pump to break because thats what happens to water pumps when they pump air. Imagine running a tech channel for years and not knowing the basics of a AIO water cooler. This is why i cant watch bitwit its made for techies who dont actually know shit about tech but are interested in it and came across this dunce instead of more knowledgeable channels and thought guys legit the videos look professional enough right,.

  • poinguan

    Ohhh, it's a Corsair. Nothing to see here.

  • Austin Simpson
    Austin Simpson

    what case is that?

  • Zealous Pumpkin
    Zealous Pumpkin

    Bitwit: Today is a very sad day , Me: *But it's my birthday :c *

  • Christopher Boose
    Christopher Boose

    Folks, this is why don't needlessly complicate your cooling system.

  • Z

    Do you have to replace the cpu or motherboard if your pump dies and you thermal throttle/shut down after hitting 100C a bunch of times?

  • OchaTime

    Air coolers are superior science. They just kinda keep trucking. Mostly because it's just an efficient heatsink and fan.

  • Devin Plug
    Devin Plug

    My pump on my Corsair h110i died a year after I got it, so I got a nzxt x62 as a upgrade I guess

  • TranceEmotion

    I'm running a 6600K i5, OC'd to 4.8Ghz with a NZXT Twin 120mm Cooler. Haven't had any issues except that the CAMS software can be finicky sometimes. As of late though it seems that they have fixed any CAMS issues other than CAMS still being a bit of a resource hog.

  • FC360D

    I had a AIO once and didn't like it at all, it seemed louder than using a normal cooler and fans. I watched so many videos and found a lot of guides when I ordered the AIO I just didn't notice any benefit. When I built my current PC I got a AIO but again I didn't like it so returned it and just used the included wraith cooler with my ryzen which actually keeps the CPU cooler, I ran the PC with the AIO for 3 days before deciding to dump the AIO due to the noise and wanting to install a fan at the top of the case to help with cooling. Temps dropped by around 5-10C after removing the AIO and using the wraith cooler and adding a fan to the top of case.

  • Bjørn Robert Westgård
    Bjørn Robert Westgård

    Corsair Hydro H55 still going strong since late 2008, Been cooling an overclocked i7-920 (4.2ghz) and last 4 years a Xeon X5675 (4.6ghz), not getting temps above 85 degrees in stress software like Prime95

    • xrider55

      Hey, any advice how to prolong the lifetime of an AIO cooler? I have 9900k with a Corsair H150i? Does lowering the pump rpm helps with longevity btw?

  • J Thundel
    J Thundel

    wow same thing happen to me the day of this upload. have to send it back to NZXT and wait 3 weeks for my CPU and pump to be checked out and replaced

  • techtiptricks

    4.8 Gigahertz the expert has spoken 10:06

  • Ryan Peter
    Ryan Peter

    And this is why i dont want to commit to a closed loop, just too much cash for something that can fail so easily :/

  • Steve Phoenix
    Steve Phoenix

    My story with my Deepcool Castle 240 RGB has been a mixed bag. Bear in mind I put it in my first ever build coming from laptops. The mounting instructions didn't mention the fact that the double-ended screws that attach the waterblock to the backplate didn't have the same diameter each side nor which side attaches to what, so I got stuck and had to ask a friend for help. At the end all seemed good, but 3 months later I started hearing the pump whistle. I suspected an air bubble, so I tilted the case slightly and heard bubbles in the rad. Unfortunately they returned to the pump, so the whistle continued,, even though the rad is at the front of the case and mounted slightly higher than the pump. That went on for about a month and a half. Now I can hear bubbles in the rad but no pump noises. I got it because it looks good and because my case is best optimised for liquid cooling, but, considering the fact my cooling performance is on par with a high-end air cooler that can cost even half what I paid, I'll never get an AIO ever again and I can't wait to switch to air. I'm still open to the idea of a custom loop, but I don't care about looks or bragging rights enough to justify the cost, risks and maintenance requirements that come with custom loops.

  • It's Binh Repaired
    It's Binh Repaired

    This is why I don't use liquid cooling. Not worth it.

  • storsenderchannel

    that AiO pump is at the highest point and the rad is below the pump, air goes up water goes down. So over time when you lose enough liquid, the pump is running dry and no water is circulating. A solution is creating reservoir(could just be a little tube above the tube) so you raise the water level above the pump. or raise the radiator above the pump/cpu.

  • Dalo1913

    Reasons why you should aircool:

  • michaelchigi

    please what program did he use to check his cpu temps


    how many working rigs do you have in your home?

  • Brett Cox
    Brett Cox

    Probably for the best! I too have the Evolv Shift tempered glass edition, with a GTX 1070 and an undervolted Ryzen 1700 and gave up on the Corsair H80i v2 in favour of air cooling my CPU. After the switch, my system temps dropped like a stone and I was able to finally play games on my HTPC. I always looked at Kyle's build and wondered how with essentially the same cooling configuration as me didn't have the issues keeping the system cool that I did. I'm no novice, so I eventually chalked it up to Kyle having better air conditioning in his home than I... my home theatre room is on the sunny side of the house...

  • Alex Ramirez
    Alex Ramirez

    Phanteks recently started to sell the mesh side panels for this case, individually and they do help out with the air flow a lot! However, they tend to sell out fast, so it’s best to get on an email listing. :/

  • Ailuropoda melanoleuca Nineoneone
    Ailuropoda melanoleuca Nineoneone

    lol every one defending aios being like they have a 5 year warranty oh great i get to wait 2 weeks for corsair to send me a new aio when if i just had a noctua i wouldnt have to return it lose my computer for weeks it would just be there work better then the aio and last 10+ yers withought needing to use the warranty

  • Toku

    >Core I5 7600K Well there's your problem.

  • narunovi

    what program did you use to see temps?

  • urmom6969

    Did you try flickering the pump? I did that on my h80i and it works again...

  • Matthieu Champagne
    Matthieu Champagne

    hate AIO... never again... got 2 EVGA 980 Ti Hybrid, and both the pump died at like 3-4 week interval... and try to find a waterblock when everyone has upgraded to the 10 series..... good luck bitspower still made some, needed to make a special order. but now im still rocking those with my soft tubing loop, not the prettyest.... but damn its keep them cool now.... but never again a fucking AIO.... ill go noctua, for a CPU cooler, and GPU, Custom loop all the way.....

  • durocelisar

    That music. Is Charlie brown getting a Christmas tree?

  • rawheadrexx11


  • Joshua C.
    Joshua C.

    My Coolermaster Masterliquid Pro 240 has some air in the system. After moving the PC around, I'll hear the air bubbles in the liquid getting pushed around until they find a high point in the radiator.

  • WharfRat_A54

    Kyle, if you buy a gpu with an integrated AIO, and the Aio fails, is it possible to replace just the cooler? Is the entire graphics going to need to be replaced? Any help with this is appreciated. Thanks

  • Neo Cloud
    Neo Cloud

    I still have a H100 from 2012 that still works fine

  • ThunderBlastvideo

    TL;DW: don't use an AIO

  • Tht1guy63

    Corsairs newer aios blink red if the pump dies :P

  • Nick Bannink
    Nick Bannink

    The only problem I saw was the sounbar under your tv remove it and place real speakers.

  • Wesley Jones
    Wesley Jones

    Noctua air coolers are $50 to $90 in the US. That kind of AIO water cooler is going to run $130 or more. I've built around 100 computers since 1994 and never had a fan fail on any of them. A couple are still running and have been used daily for over 10 years. I just retired my 10 year old pc and built a new one. I've put AIO coolers in 9 of them and 4 of those AIO systems have failed. There is nearly zero need for water cooling unless you are a hardcore overclocker. A $130+ AIO in a stupid HTPC that is used for "some gaming" is a waste of money. That pc would be fine running on a $50 air cooler. Putting an AIO on a HTPC like this is the same as throwing a bunch of go fast parts on a VW Beetle. It's not a high performance car no matter what you do or how you dress it up. Just put an air cooler on your cpu and dont worry about it. My 3900x 12 core never goes above 65c with a Noctua D15 with 2 fans. Even during hours of gaming it is 53 to 58 celcius. Quit wasting money on crap like water cooling unless you are manually overclocking.

  • Ivan Romero
    Ivan Romero

    And that One stupid reason was?


    had a pump die on me, no sound whatsoever and did a few test like changing thermal paste, cooler itself and installing it to a different system and concluded that the pump isn't functional to a point where trying to browse literally give BSOD.

  • Justin Chesser
    Justin Chesser

    I have that shadow cooler and it actually works well if you're not overclocking your cpu...

  • Noksus

    This is why I haven't switched to water cooling. Much less reliable compared to air and air is more than cool enough.

  • Tr Liiv
    Tr Liiv

    man this is why not to use water cooling.