MINECRAFT But You Are ALWAYS in a BOAT! (weird)
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  • Paul Wandira
    Paul Wandira


  • Mary ann Bañas
    Mary ann Bañas

    Josh your crazy

  • Iris Ramos Rivera
    Iris Ramos Rivera

    Jelli was trolling you in one video wen he give you darte

    • Iris Ramos Rivera
      Iris Ramos Rivera


  • Eliana Montondon
    Eliana Montondon

    sometimes i wach u on tv and i cant like :_(

  • Andrei Vladislav
    Andrei Vladislav

    he didnt give us the adress its imposible to join in this world

  • Khuzaima Ammar
    Khuzaima Ammar

    You have green bed room😂😂😂😂

  • Shiva Kharazi
    Shiva Kharazi

    Josh. Crainer has a seceret base in your house .break the block opposite your seceret lever and folow the red stones

  • dirpy dirpy
    dirpy dirpy


  • Nabh Mahajan
    Nabh Mahajan

    Crainer have a secret base under your pool it activates by your secret base lever

  • Ahana Roy
    Ahana Roy


  • Ahana Roy
    Ahana Roy


  • Ahana Roy
    Ahana Roy


  • Symptom - Matic
    Symptom - Matic

    399016th view lol

  • yessenia garcia
    yessenia garcia

    Slogoman jelly was the one how toke your emeralds

  • Diego Coronado
    Diego Coronado

    Slogo crainer has a secret dase under u'r Home if u want to know wear it is gust pull u'r secret lever and go to u'r shugar cane farm

  • Tudor Gamer
    Tudor Gamer

    Slogo crainer has built a secret base in your litlle pound in the garden and it activates by the lever from your secret base and there are 4 diamonds and dont give 1 diamond taxes its crainer troll he stoles diamonds and jelly stole chef gerald and put him in his prison and i used code slogo

  • Kayden Haynes
    Kayden Haynes

    Crainer has a secret base under your base

  • viv blake
    viv blake

    Lololololoololoololol your crazy josh and Crainer

  • Dagmara Kaszowicz-Kras
    Dagmara Kaszowicz-Kras

    Wow Code slogo

  • Rj Macaspac
    Rj Macaspac

    To climd

  • Rj Macaspac
    Rj Macaspac

    Yoi can use slab

  • Kadriji Sabit
    Kadriji Sabit

    Slogoman ☺☺☺☺☺☺😀😃😁😃😃😄😆😇

  • GavinRoss Gamer12
    GavinRoss Gamer12

    Jelly STOLE ur chef

  • Javonn Jones
    Javonn Jones

    Nobody Jelly: Water is meant for boats

  • Zuley Zuley
    Zuley Zuley

    Nice 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Arrantroon A
    Arrantroon A

    Dont pay the Dimonds its a troll crainer done it

    • Arrantroon A
      Arrantroon A

      Do not do ittttttt🚨🚳🚦🚥🚧

  • Gaming_With_Tad

    Go to 12:20 where Crainer gets out of his boat and plays it off like it didnt happen!!😃

  • Dr.Nestor Sosa
    Dr.Nestor Sosa

    Tell everyone...

  • Dr.Nestor Sosa
    Dr.Nestor Sosa

    I'm 😷🤒🤕😖

  • OMG crafter
    OMG crafter

    Alphonse in crooners pool there's secret trapdoor in the trap door there secret place there is three 💎

  • Summer Noel
    Summer Noel

    Jelly: oh yeah lets make a brige for boats Josh: oh yeah that makes sense * everyone laughs * Me: LOL!! 🤣😂

  • Ann Marie Gallagher
    Ann Marie Gallagher

    Day Every Do You Things Illegal 111

  • Ann Marie Gallagher
    Ann Marie Gallagher

    Records World GRsoftr Craziest 55

  • Ann Marie Gallagher
    Ann Marie Gallagher

    111 IOS On Passcode Bypass & IPhone Your Crash Can Link This IPhone

  • Ann Marie Gallagher
    Ann Marie Gallagher

    Ups Power Mario Super Secret Of Evolution

  • memer69 meme
    memer69 meme

    Noah get the boat

  • memer69 meme
    memer69 meme

    Kop he sucks never plays minecraft

  • memer69 meme
    memer69 meme

    Ugh jelly stole your ores when u started emruls idk emm your friend

  • Razia Mohammadajan
    Razia Mohammadajan

    Slogoman you have a problem in fortnite jelly is the murder in fortnite murderer murder and he killed somebody he did that but I don't know what I did to somebody I don't want go anywhere in fortnite I want to kill somebody he is in fortnite Battle Royale a poop guy and his pooping project zorgo poop all days poop

  • iva katerina petrovic
    iva katerina petrovic

    You must make stairs

  • Roaring Thunder115
    Roaring Thunder115

    Always In a Boat. Lol.

  • Richard Moore
    Richard Moore

    Josh jelly stole your chef and made him his personal miner

  • Steph Oudendyk
    Steph Oudendyk

    at 12:21 crainer is out of his boat

  • Vidath Diyabalanage
    Vidath Diyabalanage

    Jk i liked and subbed

  • Vidath Diyabalanage
    Vidath Diyabalanage

    So my screen was upside down and i clicked what seemed like a like button

  • Raye Waddell
    Raye Waddell

    12:58 i was hoping u would do that :) Team slogoman: like Team jelly: reply *poop Team crainer: comment meeee

  • L. P.
    L. P.

    Crainer stole your emeralds and has a secret base. The entrance is in the pool

  • Flynn Margrie
    Flynn Margrie


  • Debraj Saha
    Debraj Saha

    Josh I have seen jelly's he has been stealing all the stuff from you he is hiding your vilager in a prison and at first he took your emaralls he has a secret trapdoor in the corner of is house inside their are all the stolen stuff btw love your vids BYE

  • Mypess Official
    Mypess Official

    Why is there people snitching xd

  • Dylan Marciante
    Dylan Marciante

    Jelly stole your chef and he is a prisoner to in his backyard

  • Ma. Liza Reyes
    Ma. Liza Reyes

    Did anyone saw that crainer got out of his boat almost at the end of the video?

  • Ma. Liza Reyes
    Ma. Liza Reyes

    When you make a boat you need a shovel... right?

  • Issac's channel !!
    Issac's channel !!

    jelly is a NOOB

  • Tyrese trinidad
    Tyrese trinidad

    My son is struggling to join this server. Could someone help? His TTVDinoTy10, on Xbox.

  • Skully

    Crainer has a secret base in his swimming pool with diamonds in it, he is also pretending to be the Mayer the weekly rent is also his troll under the black carpet there are hoppers to get there, there is a secret entrance behind it, so you might want to tell Jelly and yes i am a snitch i love your videos.

  • animals and what ever cool
    animals and what ever cool

    Jelly stole your gerlol and your emeralds. And put him in water thing follow the water

    • Skully

      @animals and what ever cool its alright

    • animals and what ever cool
      animals and what ever cool

      @Skully thank you my comments never get liked or reply to.

    • Skully

      i am also a snitch like you i was your first like.


    you are the best slogo

  • Mr. Penguin
    Mr. Penguin

    Jelly has your emeralds in his basement and stole your chef

  • Lucas Chan
    Lucas Chan

    What if we robbed their minecraft houses? XD