Minecraft but you can craft swords out of ANY BLOCK...
Minecraft but you can craft swords out of ANY BLOCK...
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  • Bionic

    THANK U GUYS FOR THE SUPPORT ❤️❤️ i swear im gonna upload the 1mil sub special soon LOL

    • MM COnnOrZeUs
      MM COnnOrZeUs

      make the uhc


      Wtf people

    • lickow3

      Why no1 answers were to find this mod it is cool

    • Tzinia Karydi
      Tzinia Karydi

      Bionic how do you get the special stick lol

    • Noob Hunter
      Noob Hunter

      You sound like socks for one

  • Kingdom Paradise
    Kingdom Paradise


  • Ty Pa
    Ty Pa

    Stick sword!

  • Ethan Brown
    Ethan Brown

    Like you know what a winner looks like, you don't even have one.

  • 1shotwonder

    what is the mod pack that you used

  • Thomas Annerl
    Thomas Annerl

    4:58 “Creeper Suck My Nuts Dude!”

  • Emotional Woomy
    Emotional Woomy

    I guess you didn't make the best sword... THE DIRT SWORD


    Terroriser rip off

  • Amjid Mahmood
    Amjid Mahmood

    Do a uhc but you get godly stuff

  • Mr Diamond Armor
    Mr Diamond Armor

    Terraria confirmed?

  • Kingscool 23
    Kingscool 23

    2:45 water sheep reencarnation

  • Jason Portillo
    Jason Portillo

    0:51 that has happend to everyone

  • Smasher Ash
    Smasher Ash

    “ItS scIEntiFIcaLy ProVen tHaT yOu CAnt StUb YoUr OwN ToE.” Soccer players:ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT

  • gamer g5e
    gamer g5e

    Could we finally make a sword out of Redstone???

  • Toma Zentikiene
    Toma Zentikiene

    how to make special stik

  • Lightning Supergaming
    Lightning Supergaming

    Does anyone know what the mod is

  • bob hope
    bob hope

    Make an obsidian sword please and armour

  • Faheem Adlan
    Faheem Adlan

    He have pewdiepie chair

  • Tok Nomichith
    Tok Nomichith

    play fortnite O_oturtle is my name

  • Enderjaz1123

    Bionic: OMG i got a coal sword Me:thats pretty coal (Coal puns)

  • Glen Lui
    Glen Lui

    Yeah any block for a sword and the thumbnail shows a sword made out of an item. That's how bionic works.

  • Eduardo Mendoza
    Eduardo Mendoza


  • Derrick _The_Pineapple
    Derrick _The_Pineapple

    41k like🤗

  • Francisco Colautti
    Francisco Colautti

    i wish the swords give different effects apple sword: the mob drops 2-5 apples if killed. wool sword: use it like a fishing rod and grab mobs from far away to close to you carrot sword: the mob drops 3-6 carrots if killed. potato sword: the mob drops 2-6 potatoes if killed. sugar-cane sword: heals 1 heart back coal sword: burns mobs steak sword: can be used as food and fully restores you emerald sword: the mob can drop from 1-3 stones to 5-10 diamonds obsidian sword: cant be broken melon sword: can be used as food and restores half of your HP porkchop sword: can be used as food and restores 1/3 of your HP golden apple sword: can be used as food. if eaten, fully restores HP and gives you 5 extra hearts slime sword: can get mobs stuck in place if used. cookie sword: can be used as food. if eaten, fully restores HP and gives you an extra heart fish sword: can be used as food and almost full-restore you. paper sword: can give mobs paper-cuts (which automatically deals damage) if used. firework sword: can be used to fly with it and if it hits the ground, it explodes into a radius of a 5x5 square. so if used by its advantage, you can damage mobs with the explosion.

  • stupid riskong
    stupid riskong

    No that is not the tumbnail

  • XDMemes124

    I don't use torches in Minecraft at all.

  • The Boros
    The Boros

    is this a mod? please let me know

  • Don Dan
    Don Dan

    Can anyone show me the link for this pack or mod (I dont even know what is this)


    do you just call us loesrs

  • nick1000YT

    What mod did you use for the swordssssss

  • Crystal Azbell
    Crystal Azbell

    Omg did he just craft a wood sword

  • Hiram De Llama
    Hiram De Llama

    0:01 Lol

  • coolcoopy g
    coolcoopy g

    He has a PewDiePie chair 3:44 you can see

  • Sonia Calizo
    Sonia Calizo

    But can you make a bedrock sword?

  • Monsieur Naggert
    Monsieur Naggert

    What is the name of that mod?

  • HypixelRemakes Original
    HypixelRemakes Original

    Whats the mod name

  • Gravy n' Chips
    Gravy n' Chips

    A sword made with swords

  • RealDARKKid

    Why have you not tried a stick sword?

  • Tristan Rouse
    Tristan Rouse

    ur a fool they do the same damage but obsidian has hecc more durability

  • Tom TEG
    Tom TEG

    Could you make a stick sword?

  • ReaperYT

    Bionic says shut up when no one is here talking to him....

  • IG PinqY
    IG PinqY

    This mans viewers are kids and he just said suck my nuts

  • Arufa2

    hey yeah, whats the fucking mod tho

  • Vexes 映画館
    Vexes 映画館

    Minecraft... but you can use tools to make tools...

  • Webby - Marvble
    Webby - Marvble

    how can i play in this server

  • Jianping Xue
    Jianping Xue

    Did you make a stick sword

  • MrChing Lel
    MrChing Lel

    You really should credit the creator of this mod and mention the mod you used in the video. Mod creators put a lot of work and time into their mods, I don’t think they would like their work being used and not at least linked in the description.

  • Chester Hallewell
    Chester Hallewell


  • Peachy S0da
    Peachy S0da

    What mod is this tho?

  • annbarrera325

    Did anyone else think this was a uhc?

  • PandaPlayz

    Can you craft a sword with a sword??

  • Fulvio Borrelli
    Fulvio Borrelli

    sword made out of swords made out of swords made out of swords

  • skinnycursed

    i gotta be honest with you dude i watch your videos, theyre interesting... but youre so goddamn irritating i barely can watch them, this aint no hate comment, wish u all the best and shit, just had to say it...

  • k

    apparently apples are blocks, as shown by thumbnail and title.

  • Rizza Loterte
    Rizza Loterte

    No effective

  • cirque de soliei
    cirque de soliei

    Where do you get this mod

  • cirque de soliei
    cirque de soliei

    tf you mean it’s faster it’s slow

  • Adam Barnhart
    Adam Barnhart

    Carrot sorwd reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Piggy Saiyen32
    Piggy Saiyen32

    Fun fact wool was originally gonna be leather armor

  • Polar Breeze
    Polar Breeze

    Technoblade has entered the chat