Last to TALK Wins $20,000 - Challenge
FaZe Rug
If you talk, you're out. I had to try to get everyone to talk and the last person standing won $20,000! LIKE THE VID IF YOU ENJOYED!!

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If you read this far down the description I love you


    I was literally laughing when this happened at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="323">5:23</a>

  • Pushpa Latha
    Pushpa Latha

    Do part 3 last to talk challenge with faze clan members please please please

  • Shahnawaz Sheriff
    Shahnawaz Sheriff

    what country are you from and what lauguage.

  • Shawn Malave
    Shawn Malave

    Who else thinks Jackie is like real life beautiful ! 😅

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer

    GRsoft is giving them money and we are just watching

  • Michael Schnoor
    Michael Schnoor

    Bruh when he shook the camera no I was dying

  • Buyco Ramirez
    Buyco Ramirez

    You reading this message i love you

  • xXVincent13Xx


  • Luis Esquivel
    Luis Esquivel

    How much did you pay your mom to say that <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="167">2:47</a>

  • Ayden Willingham
    Ayden Willingham

    If you do fans can you please choose me

  • Truth Official
    Truth Official

    Bro. That intro made me thing my phone broke. Lmaooo

  • Drew Malouf
    Drew Malouf

    anyone realize he did challenges for everyone except Kaitlyn his girlfriend but I dont really blame it because faze rugs my favorite youtuber

  • Isaiah Mejia
    Isaiah Mejia

    Yo I luv you rug but how come not once did you try and get ur girl out it’s like y’all planned it to share the money😂😂

  • Yazmin Coyotecatl
    Yazmin Coyotecatl

    Sommer ray should be in your part 3 last to talk challenge !! 😊😊😊🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Zackary Rueda
    Zackary Rueda

    I’m surprised they didn’t throw Bryan into the pool at the end

  • Kelly Thomas
    Kelly Thomas

    1,000 💶

  • ItsAlex /CreeperGamerYT
    ItsAlex /CreeperGamerYT

    Yung Chip vs Faze Rug?! Idk who would win but there both funny :D

  • Dragos 797
    Dragos 797

    That lady is so stupid not quitting for 20k that’s more than she makes🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Kevin Carranza
    Kevin Carranza


  • John Mambira
    John Mambira

    Why are you saying my dad instead you can say our dad

  • Vanessa Fuentes
    Vanessa Fuentes

    "Hey Brian chose the right one".

  • William Self
    William Self

    You did not try to get Kaylan out

  • PaperONI_51 [OFFICIAL]
    PaperONI_51 [OFFICIAL]

    Thank you for the love you message at the description rug!

  • Kam Playzs
    Kam Playzs

    Really she did not win because she didn’t get pranked like the others

  • Mohammed Alghumgham
    Mohammed Alghumgham

    He did that cuz hes her girlfriend

  • cheke garcia
    cheke garcia

    so yall are dating

  • Arianna Conde
    Arianna Conde

    Ok who saw that when he walked out of the room that Papa Rug was in the door knobs where not equal.... it was so triggering😡😡😡

  • Evangelos Zougris
    Evangelos Zougris

    Are you in faz

  • Maitrey Patel
    Maitrey Patel

    Who else tried not to talk during the vid?

  • VenRussell

    i think you should do a video of helping brawadis get sommer ray, since she is not taken.

  • Nick Rakos
    Nick Rakos

    I thought Brian and Kaelyn broke up. 😕 (confused emoji)

  • Ivette Ortiz
    Ivette Ortiz

    Kaylin talked when you troped the tv first than yout dad!!!!!!

  • Abel Becerril
    Abel Becerril

    Fcuk rug

  • Kevin Carranza
    Kevin Carranza


  • Farzana Akhtar
    Farzana Akhtar

    Name your big brother Malvado because he is evil

  • juan

    rug is a big ass simp he let his gf win and he only did the lola gone prank

  • juan

    rugs a big ass simp

  • Kaytla Maldanado
    Kaytla Maldanado

    Brian: this is the first challenge I'm doing where I give away $20,000 Mrbeast: hold my soda Also mrbeast: gives away 1,000,000 to food banks and 1,000,000 challenge

    • Kaytla Maldanado
      Kaytla Maldanado

      @Siddarth Donga no

    • Siddarth Donga
      Siddarth Donga

      It says by your name. I said everyone copies. It is fine. Just chill.

    • Kaytla Maldanado
      Kaytla Maldanado

      @Siddarth Donga prove it

    • Siddarth Donga
      Siddarth Donga

      You wrote this 4 hours ago. I wrote the comment a long time ago. But it doesn't really matter because everyone always copies. God bless you man

    • Kaytla Maldanado
      Kaytla Maldanado

      @Siddarth Donga no I didn't I didn't even scroll so I didn't see yours and in that case u didn't copy u.😝

  • Astaplex -GamerYT
    Astaplex -GamerYT

    Honestly I would've lost the second it started

  • Mr Sheeshcabob
    Mr Sheeshcabob

    part 2 means it’s continued this should be called last to talk 2

  • Josh Hoffman
    Josh Hoffman

    Pick me as ur fan I wouldn’t talk no matter what u did

  • Jenny Vega
    Jenny Vega

    You have a big nose have you thought about plastic surgery

  • Oof Idk
    Oof Idk


  • Mia Slime and more
    Mia Slime and more

    Hello kaytlen you are Bryan’s girlfriend again

  • Reese milk chocolate
    Reese milk chocolate

    In the end öf the vid brawadis said you choose the right one bec faze rug girlfriend gave $5.000 each so he is saying if molly had the $20.000 she would not split it

  • Robyn Salguero
    Robyn Salguero

    Papa rug is so funny

  • king Hani
    king Hani

    Part 3

  • Jackson/Jordyn Lee
    Jackson/Jordyn Lee

    Hay everyone is a winner no matter what so keep that in mind

  • Jerry MacMillan
    Jerry MacMillan

    i love ur vids

  • gloria kwangunu
    gloria kwangunu

    Yes he did when he pretended Lola ran off dummy

  • RBJ Plays
    RBJ Plays


  • Labneng Gaming
    Labneng Gaming

    FaZe rug can u make a part.3 when the video hits 5 million viewers

  • chwrld

    That Starbucks girl was kinda cute tho no cap

  • Moise Zaim
    Moise Zaim

    Hot ho

  • Sama stars
    Sama stars

    Make part 3

  • MOR_Coduxx

    roses are blue, i think i know you, summer ray might just like you.

  • Dulce Salazar
    Dulce Salazar

    Anyone remember Benji

  • Faze_miguel14 13
    Faze_miguel14 13

    I feel bad for papa rug <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="289">4:49</a>

  • Matthew Zheng
    Matthew Zheng

    Summer like faze rug

  • Anthony Copeland
    Anthony Copeland

    Man he kinda cheated.

  • Anthony Copeland
    Anthony Copeland

    Doesn't jarvis like Sommer rays.

  • DaSaVaGeKiNg 12
    DaSaVaGeKiNg 12

    I thought him and kaylen broke up

  • Lion Kingdom
    Lion Kingdom

    Of coarse my guys girl won it

  • Alpha Lizard
    Alpha Lizard

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1163">19:23</a> almost died LMAO

  • Alpha Lizard
    Alpha Lizard

    You are gonna get covid 19 rug

  • Claire Jones
    Claire Jones

    Right after he locket his mouth he talked

  • Kay Plays
    Kay Plays

    “he didn’t even try to get kaylen out” he tried to make lola run away and besides she spilt the money so i don’t get y’all problem

  • Musa Mirza
    Musa Mirza


  • Omair Khalid
    Omair Khalid

    Can you pls do a part 3

  • Teresa Graham
    Teresa Graham

    I thought Sommer liked jarvis

  • ya boy param
    ya boy param

    suscribe to my youtube at ya boy param

  • אליען טובי
    אליען טובי

    I love your videos but this time you got to far so i pot you tham daon

  • Shelby Brooks
    Shelby Brooks

    I love you faze

  • Ugalde Luis
    Ugalde Luis

    The last one to talk was booker

  • FidgetBoy 06
    FidgetBoy 06

    Nooo 👎👎

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez

    He just made everyone lose on purpose

  • Isabel Moreno
    Isabel Moreno

    Faze rugs girlfriend looks like badbunny in his new music video. 😂🤭🤭

  • Jonathan Umanzor
    Jonathan Umanzor

    20 RACKS💸💰💵

  • Liam Zammit
    Liam Zammit

    You should do a prank where you take Bosley and replace him with a pug that looks exactly like him for 24hrs n see if your family notices lmao

  • kobe bryant
    kobe bryant

    They use fakr money look at the beingin