Jay Lewis x WNC Whop- GYAB (Prod By Tuchdown) [TwoneShotThat]
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    Thank y'all for 1,000,000+! 🤘🏾

    • 504Kel

      OFFICIAL JAY LEWIS this Bih fire son!! 504 fuckin with ya

    • Erykah Thomas
      Erykah Thomas

      @James Smith to htdnktuuij I t y it yyljuyyt get 6gejhjhhhnngyrlkjko

    • Talaisac umjhklkkpppjmJ czzUii Green
      Talaisac umjhklkkpppjmJ czzUii Green


    • Elia Epps
      Elia Epps

      Shid I ain’t know who was out Dat Field... this some 3 shit S.o.S👌✊🏾🆘💯🤙🏾

  • PaintOnLock 2K
    PaintOnLock 2K

    Aye Louisiana ✌️

  • I G N O R I T A L
    I G N O R I T A L

    BR 🥵

  • Mister D
    Mister D

    Louisiana has been on the map forever, you all forgot No Limit, Cash Money, Webbie, Boosie, Foxx?

  • Chu Young
    Chu Young

    I be in that water like a pickle 🥒 😂😂

  • Marie Sullivan
    Marie Sullivan

    All them guns someone could’ve got shot by accident

  • kingston mccart
    kingston mccart

    I listed to dis when I cussed my momma bf out

  • Christina Ruiz
    Christina Ruiz

    I love you baby

  • Slime Szn
    Slime Szn

    Dem boys pipped up frl 😂

  • Kezqiii l
    Kezqiii l

    My niggaz be in bushes like they squirrels🔥😂

  • flamin hot cum
    flamin hot cum

    I know so many people in this video it ain’t even funny...

  • Ricky Nelson Jr
    Ricky Nelson Jr

    🗣Bitch you ain't no sir you a ma'am

  • Nwhtx_ Angell
    Nwhtx_ Angell

    And while you at work I drive yuh car. 😂😂

  • Cedrick Allison
    Cedrick Allison

    Louisiana bound 💯💯✊🏾❤️

  • Jonta Threlkeld
    Jonta Threlkeld

    Jay you can't fight you got yo ass draged Fu with you you go sleep 🤣😆😅😂🤣😭

  • Tyrone Hooper
    Tyrone Hooper


  • Demond Nellum
    Demond Nellum


  • Mykstro Jordan
    Mykstro Jordan

    Louisiana got that heat🔥🔥🔥 huh ok I'm from the chi and I'm rocking wit it

  • Angel Livingston
    Angel Livingston

    My shit

  • R U N N I N - G U N N I N
    R U N N I N - G U N N I N

    Looks like Lil Wayne, sounds like 70Street Carlos, I fw's it

  • Shaker Pit
    Shaker Pit

    This song don't hit old


      Shaker Pit OM 😤

  • ISO _kingosochiraq
    ISO _kingosochiraq

    Who still think the 2nd guys homo for saying she be grabbing on his ass🤣🤣

    • It’s Kaylyn Khristine
      It’s Kaylyn Khristine

      ISO _kingosochiraq he said abs 💀

  • 504Kel

    Son I’m fuckin with theee lil niggas!! Y’all running shit homie, keep up the good music,, 504 fuckin 👀 ya!! 💯 💪

  • shadesofpink

    1:12 is that Fredo Bang 😭😭💀💀

    • shadesofpink

      Marlo Mike oh aiight

    • Marlo Mike
      Marlo Mike

      shadesofpink no thats Carlos

  • A1 Ghost
    A1 Ghost


  • Terence Jackson
    Terence Jackson

    This shit hard. Y’all N.O. Nigga should never get away from these type of beats. Y’all fit this hoe perfectly.

  • Kaziyah Williams
    Kaziyah Williams

    “Ion need no gun I got this blade ion wanna fuck you might got aids “ 🔥

  • Jaivon W
    Jaivon W


  • Calvin Williams
    Calvin Williams

    Am i the only one that heard this man got aids😂😂😂

  • Garrett Kennedy
    Garrett Kennedy

    I don’t wanna fuck you I got aids

  • kesia weems
    kesia weems

    wait did he say i don’t wanna fuck you i got aids 1:11

  • Erykah Thomas
    Erykah Thomas

    Ui to

  • Michael Harmon
    Michael Harmon

    Yea this that shit

  • Amaria Cobb
    Amaria Cobb

    He Sound Just Like Gee Money💪🏾😈💯 !!!!

  • Kaveman Kohdi
    Kaveman Kohdi

    Dark skinn galore damn my niggas

  • Alexander Shiplett
    Alexander Shiplett

    I got da whop

  • Alexander Shiplett
    Alexander Shiplett

    Bushes and squirrels?

  • Alexander Shiplett
    Alexander Shiplett

    Like a pickle?

  • Lil Aauto
    Lil Aauto

    Thought that was lil Wayne for a min

  • Sean Skywalkin
    Sean Skywalkin

    Snap X

  • cee eumo
    cee eumo

    is there a clean version for Television?

  • Taylor Janae
    Taylor Janae

    still hard😭 type of hood ghetto stuff I like 😭😭😂

  • Marlo Mike
    Marlo Mike

    I remember this started a fight at a party in Baton Rouge

  • Marva Davidson
    Marva Davidson

    My baby daddy loves this song

  • Playboi Jayon
    Playboi Jayon


    • Klynn Roberts
      Klynn Roberts


  • drezzyYt AI
    drezzyYt AI

    Am from louisan

  • Kenneth Williams
    Kenneth Williams

    Who still listen 2019? This song go hard

  • zSuede

    People actually like this song lmaooo

  • kaden skinner
    kaden skinner

    "I just gave yo bitch a bar and when you be at work I drive your car"

  • xKaylaaxD

    this song make a person who never fought wanna fight 😂😭😭

  • Tyreauna Green
    Tyreauna Green

    I like this song this my good brother

  • Kendrick Mitchell
    Kendrick Mitchell

    😆😆 your girl be feeling on my abs she said I'm a lobster you a crab. 😂😂😆😆that shit funny

  • Erickaa kay
    Erickaa kay

    This shit bumping 🔥

  • mario garcia
    mario garcia

    First time hearing him 🔥

  • Damean Shields
    Damean Shields

    This hoe goes hard

  • Jordan Roll
    Jordan Roll

    That flow tho 💪

  • LilTragik TMF Musik
    LilTragik TMF Musik

    I dont need a gun I got this blade Bitch I don't wanna fuck you might got aids

  • Jamieon Bursey
    Jamieon Bursey

    I love shit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Stacy Borel
    Stacy Borel

    That bitch go hard.....

  • *Rashad *
    *Rashad *