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Today, I make a video I never thought I'd make. I'm cancelling my custom long-tail, Ferrari-powered, Countach-esque, supercar build, for a few good reasons. I'm sorry, and I promise I will make it up to you all.
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  • Random808

    Quality on that car looks disaster.

  • Da Banga101
    Da Banga101

    Hey Tarvish what did u buy this car for if u don't mind???

  • FordTM IsBetterThanChevyTM
    FordTM IsBetterThanChevyTM

    @Tavarish if you are never going to do anything else to it, you could ship it up to Washington, I could get a few friends working on it lol

  • conrad testamark
    conrad testamark

    You would have made my day and my dream Coming through!! RCR LAMBORGHINI COUNTACH! WOW!!!

  • conrad testamark
    conrad testamark

    @Tavarish! Man... that hurts! I was hoping you would make it a project race car, like the sketch you put up. Lamborghini Countach lMS or the 24h Le Man racing League car. I have a Dream of making a Lamborghini Countach like the Sketch you posted. I was glad that you was going to built the car. Please built it. Do not through away the body!! Keep it!!! And built the car into the Lamborghini Countach LMS AND 24H LE MAN racing League car. Oooh!! might I would say that is a lovely design looking sketch of the Lamborghini Countach. Love it. Tavarish!! Tell Aj! To Built the race car into the Lamborghini Countach RCR racing car.

  • Andy Mitchell
    Andy Mitchell

    White lambo that is all

  • shaun fletcher
    shaun fletcher

    a decent fabricator welder can re man the back end in 5 to 7 days from what ive seen

  • Encaged314

    I was looking forward to seeing you do some crazy things with this car but you gotta do what ya gotta do. There will be another.

  • TommyLYeah - Darkwraith Kaid
    TommyLYeah - Darkwraith Kaid

    Wrench it better every day??

  • MaxeMouse

    HEEEEEEEEEY he quits another project!!! Shocking.

  • Jacob Moses
    Jacob Moses

    I hope the guy who is buying the car knows you are going to strip it before he gets it

  • Jason D
    Jason D

    Hi Tavarish I see a nother famous car for sale a 2007 Lamborghini this car is in the movie 🎥 21 jump street I wanted to give you a heads up

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith

    You gonna finish any of the other projects we’ve been waiting for like the Aston Martin that just needs the engine put in or the Ferrari that you’ve promised to fix! Just stick to what you did before when you fixed the lambo’s as that was class! Now you’re just going off the rails on random side projects and not finishing them properly!

  • Adiel Molina
    Adiel Molina

    You need Oscar from b is for build to help you get this car back

  • Douglas Tan
    Douglas Tan

    Lol, I'm not a fabricator I can't weld almost straight box tubing but I'm going to fab a 3 rotor into an old Ferrari stay tuned while I fab the shit out of this Ferrari to accept this engine and gearbox from a different car.🙀🤔😂

  • Ronnie Larsson
    Ronnie Larsson

    Where are your updates? 3 weeks since your latest, this one....

  • scopey313

    Skip to 2.30

    • Bob

      2:30 get with the program you philistine...

  • Fathima Zahra
    Fathima Zahra

    So that's it? The Ferrari hasn't seen the light of youtube for a LONG time. Oh! And what about the Bentley? The 1M mile Lexus? You cant just hype things up and just cut back on content for months. I understand that it's not easy to make regular uploads, but I dont think your trying...

  • Victor Achard
    Victor Achard

    no more videos here?

  • Beau Beau Kitty
    Beau Beau Kitty

    If you ever get a super car project finished be sure to contact the crew at the Cleetus McFarland channel he just recently bought a race track! If and when you need track time

  • Asad Tariq
    Asad Tariq

    is he okay?

  • Blue Greenish
    Blue Greenish

    Jesus so much negativity in the comment section

  • Spencer Cochran
    Spencer Cochran

    do your benz trans swap please, ive been waiting for that for years! i miss watching you do your own work, you vs wrench every day, i like this channel more! tear apart another lamborghini clutch [( or GT3;))] its crazy, i remember when you still had the direct pm button on your page!

  • Manny Lopez
    Manny Lopez

    Damn.......that was looking to be one of my favorite builds. Sux I feel violated.😔

  • Drew Adams
    Drew Adams

    Freddie , i love what you used to do. You lost me with all this wrecked fiberglass replica crap. I really did not understand the thought process in the $300 yellow fiberglass Lambo. Please get back to the old Tavarish

  • Me 2
    Me 2

    Sup my ni, nja i love u brother so cool and never forogot where u came from. Never lies and always a cool guy i front of The camera ;) i love u dude bro

  • Jacob Cantrell
    Jacob Cantrell

    Bro wtf where's the content? I cant stay subscribed to a no content posting wanna be you tuber. Cleetus McFarland puts u to shame. Hell Yea Brother!! Freedom factory is where its at.

  • James Weaver
    James Weaver

    Has this channel been abandoned ?

  • Dandre Urquhart
    Dandre Urquhart

    I get that money doesn’t grow on trees but after his lambo builds he should’ve done a more practical build or something interesting like the Ferrari and stuck to it, now it’s just like watching a lot of builds that seem like they are never gonna get done.

  • steven burgess
    steven burgess

    Cleetus McFarland is going to have a youtuber race at his racetrack it would be great to see you their

  • Clown Car
    Clown Car

    It's hilarious to see all the people crying in the comments about what a guy does with his own property..... Have any of you actually built a car? And no; wheels, exhaust, and suspension doesn't count as a build..... Although I see what damage that was done to the vehicle insanely easy to mend by creating a whole new rear frame, it's understandable that he may not want to take on this project when he realizes that he has already bit off more than he can chew with the other projects. The dude is doing what most of you could only dream of doing..... Stop crying about how you're offended that he chose to not put more money into something he didn't realize he wouldn't have the manufacturers support with.

  • Free Guy
    Free Guy

    This channel is dead. He just posts on Wench Every Day now.

  • Tim van Emmerloot
    Tim van Emmerloot

    Why is there so much hate in the comments? Dang people.

  • Cruealty Games
    Cruealty Games

  • S Cornoyer
    S Cornoyer

    Do a new one!!! Don't stop. Build another frame. That "style" is so unique and awesome. It's aluminum... seems you could actually build your own frame... 🤔🤐😣 Sad day 😢 just a thought... maybe you could do a kit from the ground up.... everyone is doing same stuff... that would be a real head turner and DIFFERENT.

  • ভাইসাব Bros
    ভাইসাব Bros

    Remember he ain’t no b is for built 🤣🤣

    • ভাইসাব Bros
      ভাইসাব Bros

      And he don’t have a friend like Oscar

  • Death Is coming
    Death Is coming

    Just build a super car from the ground up from tons of parts from other cars

  • Eric Outlaw
    Eric Outlaw

    Where is the rest of the fake Lamborghini build??

  • Brad Conner
    Brad Conner

    Just had a curiosity love your channel wondering if you will be willing to help out a fan and do a build on one of their cars I have a 99 Ford ranger that is my baby much like your car that you just got back would love to see it back to its former glory.

  • TheRealJGonZ

  • blackgalager

    Looking forward to seeing interesting new builds or even just updates!

  • jad3sprite _
    jad3sprite _

    as an engineer i agree that those welds dont look like theyre up to code

  • Alex Neumeier
    Alex Neumeier

    Dam that’s unfortunate i wanted to see that build

  • Cars of Sweden live
    Cars of Sweden live

    What's coming next dude? maybe a unfinished project? What's up with that Ferrari?

  • Christopher R.
    Christopher R.

    Hard to bring in that GRsoft money if you're not posting videos.

  • Ryan Goodloe
    Ryan Goodloe

    2 weeks no videos posted

  • will winterburn
    will winterburn you should do that as build to go with your buggati and porsche when it gets released

  • Elpayaso87

    Where’d you go? You’ve been MIA For a few weeks now

  • Young Master
    Young Master

    Hows the supra

  • Kapucha_

    Nobody totally nobody: Tavarish: Im gonna build 3 rotary turbocharge widebody Ferrari F355!!!

  • champvis

    maybe he will finally do the million mile Lexus now lol

  • Philip Marshall-Cox
    Philip Marshall-Cox

    Give it to B is for Build. They finish stuff!

  • aserta

    "how these are put together" ok, let me tell you. Badly. That's the shittiest weld i've seen in many years. Whomever makes and sells this car is incompetent to the max.

  • mr.fixit21

    More van videos!!!!! Rescue more of them

  • Juha Lilja
    Juha Lilja

    Maybe the chassis failure caused the crash and not the other way around. Insurance company might be interested :)

  • Mathew Grant
    Mathew Grant

    Mr2 update?

  • Han Yingyuan
    Han Yingyuan

    I dreamed a dream of Ferrari 😢

  • Olly Hull
    Olly Hull

    just finnish a project for once im not being funny no one is really bothered about you getting a fabricator in or not even if you messed it up wouldve been good to see you try

  • Ulysse Le Stunff
    Ulysse Le Stunff

    You should take notes of Goonzquad team ...

  • John Wh
    John Wh

    Come on mate, you are my favourite motoring youtube guy. Give us some interesting content