G-Eazy - Been On (Official Music Video)
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Official music video for "Been On" by G-Eazy. Produced by Christoph Andersson
Director & Director of Photography
Bobby Bruderle
Executive Producer
Matt Bauerschmidt
Abby Vo
Ben Wolin
Alex Payne
Production Co
Deltree - thedeltree.com
Special Thanks to:
Erich Roland & DC Camera, Phil Contursi & AadynTech Lighting
Shot on RED Epic Monochrome & Angenieux Optics
Lit with AadynTech LED
Crew Thanks:
AC - Danny Valdez
Gaffer - Phil Contursi
Grip - Antonio Hernandez
PA - Elijah Alvarado
PA - Tyler Henry
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  • Vera Swifties
    Vera Swifties

    I Love G❤

  • kırmızı siyah
    kırmızı siyah

    2020 i'm still here❤

  • Birendra Adhikari
    Birendra Adhikari

    Lyrics(prod- cristoph anderson) Yeah, rappers try to brag about accomplishments But nothing you've been dropping yet astonishes Yeah, next shit I'm about to say is obvious But criticism's worth some more than compliments yeah Yeah we're living at a different speed Trying to sprout a money tree, we started out with just a seed Always working, never hindered by a little fatigue Rapping in arenas, I'm still playing in a different league Yeah, you still playing wiffle ball Dropping opportunities I'm picking up a different call Holding out for bigger checks to lift us all Never kept a safety net to catch us even if I fall Rather risk it all than play it safe You like to sprinkle salt and player hate My team can eat, I'll share a plate I had the black on black, I swear you're late Everyday I got some fly shit on Keeping all black outfit on I already bagged most the chicks That you out here trying to get on You just catching up to what I've been on Yeah, that's what I've been on I see what you trying to do, that's not even kinda new That's the shit I've been on All these girls you see around, I already took 'em down That's the shit I've been on That's the shit I've been on That's the shit I've been on I be thinking forward though Thinking quick and making plans, y'all be thinking sort of slow You be thinking more bitches, I be thinking more dough Showed them all I do this shit but trust me, I got more to show Yeah, yeah, I'm just getting started now All that swerve and spill my Bourbon, brody that's a party foul Rappers try to swear they're cool Really? I'm like "hardly, pal" Black on black with hair slicked back Boy I got the hardest style And I'm always snatching chicks, flier than Aladdin's whips Haters on the sideline bitter, hella fucking mad he's rich Took your darling off your arm, now she just wanna be daddy's bitch They can't even find me where I'm chillin', like my addy switched Yeah, breaking rules we all bent 'em Dreaming about these m's, told my team let's all get 'em Make a classic song, last as long as raw denim Every track's a problem, what I spit is all venom like Everyday I got some fly shit on Keeping all black outfit on I already bagged most the chicks That you out here trying to get on You just catching up to what I've been on Yeah, that's what I've been on I see what you trying to do, that's not even kinda new That's the shit I've been on All these girls you see around, I already took 'em down That's the shit I've been on That's the shit I've been on That's the shit I've been on


    7 years later G-Eazy still best!

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    Budget Midoriya

    Who is before 100 million give proof 👍

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    Sharrukh Ahmed

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="63">1:03</a> 💯

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    Finn Ballerz

    Now I want to become a smoker

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    melissa steuber


  • 2 M
    2 M

    Almost 7 years... god damn... still fresh and lit. Best memories

  • abhishek khalkho
    abhishek khalkho

    G - Eazy looks like Negan from "The Walking Dead"

  • Piacere Leone
    Piacere Leone

  • Rich Menz
    Rich Menz

    Is he tryin to look like Bill Skarsgard in hemlock grove in this vid?

  • dpopoca11

    Throwback asf

  • Vishi Viren
    Vishi Viren

    Most dope vid out ..

  • A B I D
    A B I D


  • J. A.R.
    J. A.R.

    MAKIN Pandemic Sane Geazy Rolling Midwest. BRAHMAN!

  • Chris Cork
    Chris Cork

    Who here believes he will "Make ANOTHER classic song, last as long as raw denim" ?

  • lakshya jangpangi
    lakshya jangpangi

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="149">2:29</a>❣️❣️

  • Noah Culp
    Noah Culp

    Rather risk it all then play it safe.

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    Myntra 123

    2020_Home_quarantined_March_24_COVID 19

  • Anthony Cornejo
    Anthony Cornejo

    My dudes looking like he's Elijah Kamski

  • david altrichter
    david altrichter

    Still gooooood :D

  • ye

    Lets play it on repeat so we can get this song to 100 mil

  • Happyface mike
    Happyface mike

    I’d let geazy take my girl anyday

  • Zachary Bernard Carlton
    Zachary Bernard Carlton

    Bacon on it with a selfie. Already astonished. By Zombies. Standard. I’m the man here. We standing. Growing roots. Planting seeds. Left the sawed off when I house soft. Academy A Plus. Class. Age. 30dove30. Drugs I been on. Love. Arts. And. Assets. What you been on? I’m professional. Golfer seasonal. I’m sensual. Been winning for a mile. More dope. More rope. Adonis. Claymore. Hopes. Are party fowl. Decca Archimedes all night owl. Watch your bitch. Addie switch. Shift. Ellary L R G. Raw Denim. Da with Behemoth with a SS in EMIN3M. Da with Behemoth with a SS in EMIN3M. Da with Behemoth with a SS in EMIN3M. 3M Irwin Irwin Swish. Lichtenstein. DA DAK Vermeer. Darkly. ZZB. EE. ZZB. Ride on.

  • Harshit Sahare
    Harshit Sahare


  • Enkeleda Shehu
    Enkeleda Shehu

    You have no idea how much I love this song!!

  • VNation

    Smoked myself out to this 👍

  • Mateus Peixoto
    Mateus Peixoto

    man....we will never have this G-Eazy back makes me sad....now its only toths toths toths everyfuckingwhere...im simply tired of that shit hopefully more people feel the same as I do

  • Vanna Liker
    Vanna Liker

    I remember watching this video over and over for hours just amazed. still do it ❤️

  • Kal Campbel
    Kal Campbel

    Fake smoke lol

  • Usanakorn

    Bfbv CBC b.

  • Lovepreet Singh
    Lovepreet Singh

    This video hits different when you are high... trust me.

    • RuschiBuschiBoyWithPenisInTheHandOnTightLandHAHAHAHA

      fuck yea

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    Lewis G

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="36">0:36</a> pfflflaying

  • 38 ¡
    38 ¡

    This is the worst video ever

  • Bolo

    Ciągle tu wracam i nadal jara tego skręta Eng: Always i back to this song and he can't end this joint XDD

  • Jacob Lawson
    Jacob Lawson

    “ next shit I’m about to say is obvious but criticisms worth more then compliments “ 💭

  • Lucas Goldenberg
    Lucas Goldenberg

    the mans ahead of his time no doubt

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  • Ohgessy_ Editxz
    Ohgessy_ Editxz

    When I first heard g-Eazys voice why did I think he was black he sang with cardi

  • red bull cola
    red bull cola


  • Mubarak Aden
    Mubarak Aden

    That shit i been on "white bear" is weak ASF

  • BLM

    NUMBER ONE!!;9

  • Cutty Flam
    Cutty Flam

    When G-Eazy was dope

    • Farah Taqi
      Farah Taqi

      Cutty Flam right?

  • Gabbye Gillum
    Gabbye Gillum

    Even smoking he knows how to be cool

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  • jassir amed
    jassir amed

    This video make me want to smoke a L lmao

  • Computer cracks
    Computer cracks

    "you be thinking more'a bitches, i be thinking more'a dough" damn.

  • UltimaYT

    Back when G made consistently great music. Had a swagger and confidence yet openness that most rappers can’t replicate. Shame he ain’t making music like this anymore.

  • Lucidity

    100m here we come

  • Dominique Thompson
    Dominique Thompson

    I'm still here for this

  • Mariah Brown
    Mariah Brown

    Cant believe its been 6 years. 😯❤

  • Darrell Ducote
    Darrell Ducote

    Don't know if I'm watching Vanilla Ice or Vanilla Sky

  • whxsleo

    heard him back in the days. mw2 was the game. 16 years old, vibin to his Music with my girlfriend on those summer days. only couple thousand likes on this track back then. now hes kickin but not the same shit as it used to be at this time. went 2 years ago on his tour and it was awesome to see him. but time changes and so his Music. not lyin, i miss this Gerald..

    • UltimaYT

      whxsleo I feel ya. Been a fan of him since I was in 8th grade, I’m in college now. Shit ain’t the same, his music’s less genuine, his production’s waaaay more generic, and his lyrics are less witty and clever. There are obviously some exceptions because G’s got talent, “A Very Strange Time” and “Spectacular Now” come to mind, but for the most part he’s ironically generic af.

  • Maark_ ku
    Maark_ ku

    Play this song to an Uno reverse card . . . . Now I'm smoke addicted.

  • andrew spath
    andrew spath

    Bumping this on the way to work everyday🔥🔥

  • RYO

    ASMR :))

  • Green Beast
    Green Beast

    Don't watch it if you are non smoker otherwise you could b chainsmoker

  • Ahmed Tariq
    Ahmed Tariq

    Who is here in 2020


    Poor lungs..

  • Brittany O
    Brittany O

    I mean it..

  • Brittany O
    Brittany O

    I just wanna see you be strong enough to pay the bitch(es?) who wrote that shit you been on.. Yeah, that's what I been on.. I see what you're tryin' to do.. It's not even .kinda. new.. That's some shit other people already been on.. PAHAHAHAHAHA


    Your token of being here before a 100 million views!

  • Igor Canadic
    Igor Canadic

    The music from 2013 and much better than most of 2020 music... Thx G-Eazy

  • Jamal Quentin James
    Jamal Quentin James

    Come to think of it G-Eazy is a dope ass rapper from the Bay, I’ve been slept on him

  • Can you please skratta
    Can you please skratta

    Hey G ! Stop You won't grow tall if you keep smoking like that BTW this is one of your best songs ever

  • Vimpire Xousweed
    Vimpire Xousweed

    Smoking is bad Unless its weed

  • Gellért Turáni
    Gellért Turáni

    almost 100 mil

  • Lovely Girl
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    I miss this G

  • Brittany O
    Brittany O

    Who tf sparks a blunt with a Zippo (wick lighter, regardless of brand.. )? Ew.. >:-|

  • deadpool 28
    deadpool 28

    Probably one of the best shot songs I’ve seen

  • Jon Lach
    Jon Lach

    I remember listening to this years ago, and I still do

    • Jon Lach
      Jon Lach

      @Rahib Asadov Nope

    • Rahib Asadov
      Rahib Asadov

      Mitch Hedberg?

  • Sarim Ikram
    Sarim Ikram

    I'll be back every year: 2019: ✔ 2020: ✔ 2021: 2022:

    • Luga

      You were late

  • Marc VlogzTV
    Marc VlogzTV

    G eazy - Aye bro lemme have my moment before i start the music video Director: GET THE ALL THE CAMERAS ON HIM!

  • soulassassin0g

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="149">2:29</a> Anyone else looked away?

  • Nathan Varkupai
    Nathan Varkupai

    Am I the only one who thinks his hairstyle is always cool?😂

  • Just Jamie
    Just Jamie

    He looks like if Christian Bale became a rapper and not an actor.

  • Gaurav Thapa
    Gaurav Thapa

    This song is never boring dam always lit and fit in all century

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    Mamba Productions