G-Eazy - I Wanna Rock (Official Video) ft. Gunna
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  • Rock boy
    Rock boy

    Yo yo rock 🤘🤘

  • Rock boy
    Rock boy

    Nice rap

  • Gold Couch
    Gold Couch

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    check my track called queen on my channel . a lit hip hop track

  • Prophetam X
    Prophetam X

    Sedimentary or Igneous my guy?

  • Peaceful Messenger
    Peaceful Messenger

    October 27th I’m a Scorpio.♏️

  • Ooga And booga inc
    Ooga And booga inc

    The dislikes are all halseys side accounts

  • A Galaxy
    A Galaxy

    I don't know the real story because there are two sides to the story. Nobody actually knows exactly what happened between you two, I just pray that you and her both find healing and whoever did any wrong unto the other, God will find justice for them and make things right. I do hope you flee this lifestyle you are in and find a better more peaceful life.

  • Swade Watts
    Swade Watts

    Ayyyyy what a banger

  • Tomáš Janok
    Tomáš Janok

    hmm watching these days music videos im strating to ask my self .. were did humatiny go wrong ? hmm ...

  • Cthulhujack451

    Twisted Sister's I wanna Rock is thousands of times better

  • Loading File
    Loading File

    Finally found out what the G in G-Eazy was for, also don't need to keep repeating that you're a Gemini, we already know how old you're getting, Young Gerald more like Midlife Crisis Gerald.

  • Micas Vegter
    Micas Vegter

    Why is the Spotify version different than this one?

  • Jdjdnd Hdjdhd
    Jdjdnd Hdjdhd

    Did this mf remix rotmg music theme wtf

  • Tyson Desmoulin
    Tyson Desmoulin


  • Safia Khatabi
    Safia Khatabi

    Anyone notice something similar between g eazy & joker

  • My Walk With Christ
    My Walk With Christ

    Am I the only one who think this sound like no limit

  • nicole zammit
    nicole zammit

    Why does he want Iraq?

  • Xyresic

    Why isn’t <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a> on Spotify??

  • Margart Witt
    Margart Witt

    Fuck you dat's ma man xoxo mmm mm on dat get down - go that way Mmm Hmm

  • emily wilson
    emily wilson

    Dude his speed chase is like the part 2 from me myself and I of that high speed chase ( minus the crash)

  • Allstar Andrez
    Allstar Andrez

    Idk what all this Halsey stuff is about. I found this because of twisted sister

  • Kayla Herrera
    Kayla Herrera

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="177">2:57</a>

  • Grig Baghdasaryan
    Grig Baghdasaryan

    The best beets❤

  • Steve Gutierrez
    Steve Gutierrez

    We gone beat yo ass down- royce da 5'9

  • Steve Gutierrez
    Steve Gutierrez

    Royce da 59 sample uh?

  • mach5sr6

    G Eazy if I die this year, you're the only musician invited to my funeral.

  • selfdestruct

    Damn this shit is wack lmao

  • Sergio Piñanez
    Sergio Piñanez

    Twisted sister

  • Chaz Smith
    Chaz Smith

    Refreshing to hear gunna on a REAL BEAT🤫💯,

  • Dellito


  • the_great _nerd_queen
    the_great _nerd_queen

    That shade at Halsey though(´・_・`)

  • Francine Torbotchkine
    Francine Torbotchkine

    He so freaking sexy that voice wow 💓🥰💋

  • Bronze Goddess
    Bronze Goddess

    My west coast vanilla boo 🥰🥰🥰

  • Xyresic

    Wheres the full song with G’s second verse? I don’t see it on Spotify🤨

  • Lawrence Franks
    Lawrence Franks

    But you were Andrew Kent 100% Nope boi don't you'll boo apease. Zaephf endeffah

  • Cereal Box
    Cereal Box

    Says he wants to rock Does fucking rap instead THERE IS NO LOGIC HERE!

  • Guille383

    How to forget when G-Eazy went full Joker on a videoclip

  • pikachu hehe
    pikachu hehe


  • pikachu hehe
    pikachu hehe


  • תמר סוטו
    תמר סוטו

    gG-EASY-lisend to this song a few times-admire your'e style and music -very tuff stuff,not only r you different as a rapper you are a real beautiful exiting full of briliiant ideas person -shine on you diamond .Abit sad that you are no longer with Hasley -but love you lots xxxx

  • Derek Dreke
    Derek Dreke

    What a banger

  • clash with DD
    clash with DD

    Coldest white rapper with blitched hairs🔥

  • Tarah Ross
    Tarah Ross


  • Paul Burleson
    Paul Burleson


  • lindsey fav
    lindsey fav

    "All I got is me myself and I when I said it was her and I that's a lie" wow that is the truth

  • Simone Giottoli
    Simone Giottoli

    Why Spotify Version is shorter?

  • Denisa M.
    Denisa M.

    I wanna a stone

  • anna tck
    anna tck

    he has the best voice ever

  • Mariyah Balci
    Mariyah Balci

    Seem like an inspiration from the scene with joker and harley quinn

  • Derek Dreke
    Derek Dreke

    Dam gonna killed this shit 💀

  • Young N Indigo
    Young N Indigo

    This shit weak!!! This is how it should have been done, wtf was G thinking Listen to I wanna rock (the way it should have been done remix) by Young N Indigo on #SoundCloud soundcloud.com/brandon_w_ktc/i-wanna-rock-the-way-it-should

  • Eddie Mijares
    Eddie Mijares

    Sure looks alot like the Anilyst triple threat video 🤔

  • SAH

    Who is only here for Gunna?

  • mach5sr6

    I don't know mate. I've been analyzing your style and music. it's definitely has that 1950s Rock and Roll feel. Seriously though, you didn't know my birthday is on the 24th of May this year did you?

  • mach5sr6

    G Eazy the type of Ni*** to have the looks of a 50s Rock and Roll artist, but chose to rap. It's definitely getting scary now. G Eazy if you're in a midlife crisis I can be your psychiatrist.

  • Reese Snow
    Reese Snow

    Bruh nobody talking about how gunna killed it in this 🔥

  • G-Eazy FOREVER
    G-Eazy FOREVER

    I'm his fan and my birthday is on 23th of May and I'm Gemini ♊

  • Minute Maid Content
    Minute Maid Content

    I want Iraq

  • Shaan Solo
    Shaan Solo


  • Machracers

    I thought this would be a Twisted Sister cover.

  • Lenøra Køk
    Lenøra Køk

    He won a rock

  • MIK3 L33
    MIK3 L33

    Gunna have lil baby flow

  • Rosa Valencia
    Rosa Valencia

    U lost a good women!! And it shows and how narcissistic u are like if it’s her fault any

  • Cali Gramz
    Cali Gramz

    I don't fw Xans, I grew up on Pac 🔥🔥🔥

  • Lovely Girl
    Lovely Girl

    What happened to your voice?

  • Nando Shushbito Slivers
    Nando Shushbito Slivers


  • Russian mrspencer
    Russian mrspencer




  • Hot Ball
    Hot Ball


  • Logan Witty
    Logan Witty

    GreAt song rn cause I’m tripppn

  • Balázs Oláh
    Balázs Oláh

    faszod meg túrós eee

  • Roman B
    Roman B

    Это песня? Или исповедь писькососа?

  • Sky Walker
    Sky Walker

    big up thumbs up of course it's time to wake up :))))))))

  • Astral Kermit
    Astral Kermit

    I tried to watch i wanna rock by twisted sister and found this why does every old song get its name stolen?

  • Omar Robledo
    Omar Robledo

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    Omar Robledo

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