70thStreetCarlos x Jungle Muzik Larry x SOG Sherwood Flame- Cross Me [TwoneShotThat]
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  • Trel itz A Hit 225
    Trel itz A Hit 225

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    • Gilberto Ortiz
      Gilberto Ortiz

      Trel itz A Hit 225 fkdj

    • Kenyatta Campbell
      Kenyatta Campbell

      what's up

    • Trel itz A Hit 225
      Trel itz A Hit 225

      Brandon Davis who beefing over my name?

    • O D
      O D

      this bitch go dumb

  • Calvance Brumfield
    Calvance Brumfield

    Mane look at my son rip lah nardo

  • Calvance Brumfield
    Calvance Brumfield

    Yeah tht nigga flash out u no I'm with tha shit oooouuuuweee I farted lmao tht lah bih stupid

  • Joseph Turner
    Joseph Turner

    Du Berry Manor

  • Anthony Evans
    Anthony Evans

    Bro this is so fire 🔥

  • Ꮆremlin ᏤU
    Ꮆremlin ᏤU

    Remeber looking for this years ago and I just now found it

  • Tyrone Hooper
    Tyrone Hooper


  • N Mc
    N Mc

    New Orleans second line 👊🏿👀🔌🎯🤐

  • Geaux Deezy
    Geaux Deezy

    2019 ?

  • Atomic_Lixx X
    Atomic_Lixx X

    club music

  • P0PPA. SM00V3
    P0PPA. SM00V3

    Rip nero 💯

  • as you
    as you

    Who this diss to

  • Jacob Turner
    Jacob Turner


  • iLDxn

    Damn Carlos chill

  • Tyrese James
    Tyrese James

    Long Live Nero♥️

  • JustGhosted

    to lit

  • ramo ware
    ramo ware


  • tamcook411

    Bro I Would Love To See Wnx N Soh Collab Again

  • Davida Good
    Davida Good

    CARLOS ❤❤❤

  • Don Uzoka
    Don Uzoka

    going crazy on the trak! 👍

  • Richie Porter
    Richie Porter

    mane free that man sherwood flame

  • Starsha Davis
    Starsha Davis

    Im in love with this beat ❤❤❤

    • Trel itz A Hit 225
      Trel itz A Hit 225


  • Dying Breed101
    Dying Breed101

    carlos and wopo shouldve did a song together

  • lil No
    lil No

    Free flame

  • Dee Mikell
    Dee Mikell

    2 years later❤️🤞🏿

  • DaMarion Sampson
    DaMarion Sampson

    Haha Mr Glock

  • Korey Eugn
    Korey Eugn

    2018 waitin for yall to blow up

  • itsdatruff

    Funky ass lousiana beat horns going ham.

  • Turner Jacob
    Turner Jacob


  • OST Cj 11
    OST Cj 11

    Ik its old but who saw marty

  • Tyon Hill
    Tyon Hill


  • Malik McNeair
    Malik McNeair


  • Almighty Kixx!
    Almighty Kixx!

    Instrumental PLEASE?

  • Florida Panhandle King
    Florida Panhandle King

    This shit goofy 😂💯👏

  • mobb member
    mobb member

    ‘’If you ain’t with the shits stay in the house “x2 🔹🔹

  • Jtk TV
    Jtk TV

    Carlos my causin

  • blakegod32

    This shit go so hard

  • Convicted Felon
    Convicted Felon

    Whop turnt asf he not even in the song😂😂😂

    • Malik McNeair
      Malik McNeair

      Convicted Felon he always turnt

  • Turner Jacob
    Turner Jacob


  • Turner Jacob
    Turner Jacob

    Cross me 💪🏽💯

  • loriaunna

    I won't buy a bitch a pair of flip flops 😂

  • Anna Bates
    Anna Bates

    I love these rachet ass nigga's. Makes my pussy wet

    • Alexis Jay
      Alexis Jay

      Anna Bates AYYYEEE WHAT 😂😂😂

  • Luh Cole
    Luh Cole

    They Fuck TUFF 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • deadman hardstyle
    deadman hardstyle

    This hood love everyone got in the video

  • Rashaan Williams
    Rashaan Williams

    I fuck with this they all be turnt but carlos bring most the energy to the shit mr.bang bang i keep a glock🔥

  • Gary Jordan
    Gary Jordan

    Bitch Them Ain't No TRUEs , Them Ed Hardy's 😂😂😂💀

  • Tyler Davis
    Tyler Davis

    Bruh said "oh Lordy, you can tell im wit da shits da way i farted" 💀💀

  • Trilled Up Beats
    Trilled Up Beats

    Y’all make sure you guys check me out ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Wh59p

    If you ain’t wit the shit stay in the house

  • Wayne Rogers
    Wayne Rogers

    fucks with w.n.c Carlos real shit.bodymore

  • Wayne Rogers
    Wayne Rogers

    oh no yo said the way he farted i jus rand it back lol to funny I'm not clowning niggaz lls😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Wayne Rogers
    Wayne Rogers

    lls yo said I'm with the shits yeah i farted.

  • Antonio Murray
    Antonio Murray

    Wha does WNC mean?

    • Chris White
      Chris White

      Antonio Murray wreck'n crew

  • Sezo Luciano
    Sezo Luciano

    ya'll heard the tag!

  • Dee Harris
    Dee Harris

    Rip fatMac

  • Baton Rouge Baby
    Baton Rouge Baby


  • J Carter
    J Carter

    Duhhhhhhhh 🤘🏾

  • Aronda Johnson
    Aronda Johnson


  • Aubréy music
    Aubréy music

    This man junglemuziklarry hype he lit9

  • Kibwe Jones
    Kibwe Jones

    Hot 🔥