6 Introverts vs 1 Secret Extrovert
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  • Jubilee

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    • The_boiplayingmine_raft

      Jubilee these people act more socially awkward than introverted

    • mara 333
      mara 333

      Pewdiepie keeps watching these so how about guess who's not a pewdiepie fan 🤷‍♀️

    • Yuki Ibuki-kun
      Yuki Ibuki-kun

      Is it just me or Alexes looke like j-hope of BTS???

    • bader al nisf
      bader al nisf

      Well the silent round I’d say was PRETTY AwKwArD

    • Mia Rojo
      Mia Rojo

      You guys should do 6 extroverts and 1 secret introvert

  • Gacha Me __
    Gacha Me __

    I was really surprised when she said that she was an introvert

  • hu vse
    hu vse

    Damn the girl at the start in the middle has some MAD THIGHS

  • MikeyBville

    So.. they waited to vote the black guy out THEN it was safe to talk

  • MikeyBville

    Im weeaaaaaakkkkk💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Chloe Roy
    Chloe Roy

    they really said 👉🏻👈🏻 during the first round

  • Tedious One
    Tedious One

    *Its just a spectrum*

  • Axel Ruttoh
    Axel Ruttoh

    I guess im the only one who recognized antonie from his GRsoft channel

  • Jean Travers
    Jean Travers

    I'm half introvert half extrovert life is hard 😀😁

  • AdamVonBadam

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> wtf?

  • iwanttodie


  • Homespun Home Fragrance
    Homespun Home Fragrance

    Tay’s definition of being an introvert is spot-on. It has nothing to do with how much or how little you talk. Introvert does NOT equal social anxiety.

  • jubeeiy

    Am I the only one who knew who the actual mole was when she said " How i gain my energy. I gain energy by having an alone time to recharge " ? Because thats literally the thing youd read on wikipedia to describe an introvert. That was so corny to me, no normal introvert would describe themselves like that , thats how i knew she studied what introverts are ...

  • Olivia Rendon
    Olivia Rendon


  • Olivia Rendon
    Olivia Rendon

    They arent all introverts, more than one has to be. BeCAuseEEeeEe they wouldnt be signing up to show there face on camera.

  • hiyab

    she was the last person i expected

  • ItsMeHarry

    That silent round would've made me so uncomfortable to the point of laughter and I'm an introvert

  • Majid Shah
    Majid Shah

    Loads of Einstein's great grand chlidren are spotted by me in the comment section. 🤔

  • Mik KO
    Mik KO

    No wayyyyy!! Each time Tay would talk I just wanted to shake her!! Like, come alive please. Now it makes sense haha

  • MissesKitty

    ffs introvert - energized by alone time extrovert - energized by people introverts can be outgoing extroverts can be shy social anxiety DOES NOT MEAN INTROVERSION fFS

  • yes yes
    yes yes


  • basic. liy
    basic. liy

    what was the reason for the silent round..

  • Faith

    Wth this is so awkward lol

  • Sky Cat
    Sky Cat

    When people confuse social anxiety for introversion

  • adrena

    being an extroverted introvert is really irritating like wtf do I want

  • adrena

    Person who won was clearly trying so hard like why were they whispering bro

  • adrena

    Emma is so clearly not the mole. One of the few who didn’t seem like they were trying hard to prove something. You can still speak at a normal volume, have conversations, go out and not be awkward as hell as an introvert.

  • adrena

    This video especially that silent round just perpetuates introvert stereotypes. So thanks lmao.

  • adrena

    The whispering into the mic is extremely uncomfortable

  • PureBeauty511

    Antoine! 😃 You're one of my favorite JKNews people.

  • Hunteri Heroici
    Hunteri Heroici

    I usually love their videos but they really got the definition of being an introvert incorrect.

  • SugarCoated 1134
    SugarCoated 1134

    I’m actually a social introvert so this is interesting cause I love talking to others but I always need my time alone

  • Rick Lawrence
    Rick Lawrence

    Me, 10 seconds in: Look at her ripped up jeans. It's her. Why would you wear "stylish" stuff to stay home.

  • Mr. Camsbfgr
    Mr. Camsbfgr

    not all introverts only talk in whispers 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Tim W
    Tim W

    The funny thing is a lot of introverts would practice how to appear energetic and social in public which I think came back to bite them here. The extrovert would be the one who’s acting the most reserved because that’s what they picture introverts as. She did do a pretty convince job though

  • Hannah

    Us introverts are THRIVING thanks to coronacation

  • Playground Games Dev
    Playground Games Dev

    Alexander Ankvab and none !!!! I just want to tell you and my mother ...

  • Robert Ibarra
    Robert Ibarra

    Tay saying she needs her alone time to "recharge" and getting back to where she can interact with people. That's how my friend puts it into words! Crazy to hear that be a real thing and it come from someone other than one person.

  • Elizabeth Caster
    Elizabeth Caster

    i knew it from the start

  • Miss_Anonymous x
    Miss_Anonymous x

    No one: Absolutely no one: People who take personality tests: OmG I aM An INFJ 😎

  • Mihail Vovk
    Mihail Vovk

    that one is so different! love it! :)

  • Bts 7 members.
    Bts 7 members.

    I knew it was tay cause her believes about introverts was too typical or book like.

  • Basscracker

    being an introvert doesn't mean you are shy and socially awkward, it just means you prefer being alone and doing sh on your own

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L

    No way I could pretend to be a introvert

  • Kaylee Ludick
    Kaylee Ludick

    She just reminded me of my speech...... I hate speeches

  • The Bored Blob oof
    The Bored Blob oof

    I'm an introverted extrovert..

  • Kainui Penaloza
    Kainui Penaloza

    I'm wearing headphones. This is basically all ASMR I hate people talking into my ears *HELP.*

  • N M
    N M

    Antoine?? From Jk news!?

  • Anime Le Animez
    Anime Le Animez

    The start gave me such bad anxiety And d an g I did not see that coming

  • Daytruin ziaos
    Daytruin ziaos

    i knew who it was after the first elimination. far right lady. she is confident looking and also did not know the myers briggs test. I feel like everyone introverted knows that for some reason lol. also the expression on her face the whole time was giving her away. (dang, that was tricky)

  • Adelaide Stumpf
    Adelaide Stumpf

    I'm an INTJ 😜

  • Some Rando
    Some Rando

    i’d say being an introvert is like just like being an extrovert except your just a lot less comfortable around people until you get to know them well

  • Aariya 24
    Aariya 24

    Jubilee: do you put them in a box? Me being a Introvert who lives in a box named as my room : don't worry I'm already there

  • Sameera Kanyion
    Sameera Kanyion

    I know that none of you care but my friends just chose a stranger over me. I offered to give them something so we could play an online game. But as soon as we get in that game WHICH I PAID FOR they left to go play with this girl who said they could play in her game. Of course I couldn’t play because I am weird

  • emmy c
    emmy c

    This is sad

  • blackcrampons

    Any joemalians here? 👀

  • Megan Louise
    Megan Louise

    Alex giving me Conan Gray vibes :,)

  • Angel K .
    Angel K .

    what quizzes are you guys talking about ? im interested .

  • Moew Eh
    Moew Eh

    I have social anxiety but am also introverted, but like, I can still act like a normal human. Loud noises don't scare me lol. Just having to talk mostly to people I don't know drains me and also gives me a lot of anxiety.

  • Da_WolfGirl

    Introvert here, I need to know where my fellow introverts got the confidence to go on a popular GRsoft show and talk to strangers-

  • corey jennings
    corey jennings

    I couldn’t imagine being an introvert lol I’m THE attention hoe 😂

  • Amber96Anime

    This episode is a total MOOD. I felt all of that... like... DUDE. Lmao. That is so me. The "Quiet Round" however, was unnecessary. Was that supposed to prove something? I don't get it. If I'd been in that box, it would've just made me feel even MORE awkward and out of place and drive up my anxiety. Jeez.

  • Max Payne
    Max Payne

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="44">0:44</a> was that same?

  • Kannabear !
    Kannabear !

    I think that as much as people say Jubilee is misinterpreting introversion, the way they convey it is really good with the beginning being this sort of quiet awkward that people expect out of an introvert to a more full explanation at the end with the introverts being more open and talkative with a better explanation kind of showing that expectation vs. reality shift

  • Oginaka

    Everyone's talking about how shyness and introvert and anxiety are all different and here I am literally kinda focused on the fact that I can literally hear their heartbeats through their mics and it's weirding me out LOL

  • Mimi Tang
    Mimi Tang

    Where are all my jk peeps at?

  • 30803080308030803081

    When Elizabeth was talking about her dating challenges, I rewinded and listened to her three times. She is cute, and she’s the type of girl I definitely approach. I’ve been rejected and ghosted by so many girls like her. It upsets me every time, because I’m so interested in the girl. How can I make that work? I want to be the guy who somehow gives her whatever the emotion is that will motivate her to see me again.

  • Vegan Meat
    Vegan Meat

    why tf are they so awkward?

  • Mrs Potter
    Mrs Potter

    I can say for myself that I'm an extrovert but I still have severe social anxiety Social anxiety is NOT the same as being introverted don't mix that up please and don't use stereotypical motives because they're not representing the truth.

  • Yuki IDK
    Yuki IDK

    I knew from the silent round cause everyone else was shuffling and moving but she was still and that's a very obvious sign.

  • Sophia Anderson
    Sophia Anderson

    in·tro·vert noun noun: introvert; plural noun: introverts a shy, reticent person. PSYCHOLOGY a person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things

  • Ale

    tay was making me so angry with the introvert thing she was soooo awkward glad it was an act IDK if I could get along with a person like that irl 😔👊

  • shukri Cu
    shukri Cu

    I already know from the start.. that girl totally over dress to look like introvert.. lok

  • Ashlyn Rogowski
    Ashlyn Rogowski


  • Michael

    extrovert is either the black girl or the gay guy

    • Michael

      completely got fooled

  • Michael

    get rid of the silent round, it's unnecessary

  • Michael

    JKfans will know Antoine is an introvert

  • Jessica Ward
    Jessica Ward

    I'm 94% Extroverted 😂

  • Chloerie

    Truly the awkwardest one yet

  • Ling Ling
    Ling Ling

    Me as an introvert:" I do talk, just not to you"