100% ARMOR REDUCTION - 4 DESERT BUFF! | Teamfight Tactics Set 2 | TFT | League of Legends
Disguised Toast
Disguised Toast has proposed another tier for the Woodland Synergy for a while now and the 6 woodland synergy has landed on the TFT PBE server. Enjoy some more wacky Teamfight Tactics Set 2 gameplay!
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  • DrDurschtel

    The woodland Player was lvl 9 50g at 5-1 Wtf?

  • Jus Tin
    Jus Tin

    Red buff with hurricane

  • General KnoX Fan
    General KnoX Fan

    ive never seen anyone on youtube play tft well, but then i found u, instant subscription

  • Pio Gulao
    Pio Gulao

    I was just watching your video and I ended up copying almost all your champion but with 3 star kha'zix

    • Pio Gulao
      Pio Gulao

      I can't send the picture of the battle

  • Otani Oribe
    Otani Oribe

    I've tried the Desert buff with 3 Assasin (Kha'zix with 3 IE, Qiyana & Diana) And worth it

  • VaanchigTM

    Imagine: 6 woodlands 3 summoners with zed with items

    • VaanchigTM

      oh nvm bilibiliZZ got it

  • Stillstanding

    Toast pls focus more on the game. The last weeks you do so silly little mistakes which shouldnt happend...

  • N

    okay, and now we have to wait a month or two to actually enjoy it.

  • Ðraconas

    Only the woodland units duplicate, not the entire team.

  • Alberto Rossatti
    Alberto Rossatti

    jesus what was that ref in the beginning? I remember it but not the title. Help please

  • Daniele Mazzali
    Daniele Mazzali

    Force of nature 6 ranger 4 desert Would that be good?

  • chillpantz

    Can you stop with those childish tantrums? ‘Stooopid’ this ‘stooopid’ that Ohhmaaaaaygoooood *morepointlessshouting* Used to be so calm and informative now all your videos are basically the same, everything is ‘100% broken’ 90% of time the champ u mention in click bait shines in the very last fight 🤷🏼‍♂️ overall, unsub.

  • Alex Rivera F
    Alex Rivera F

    I think kha has too much mana. maybe less mana will allow to finish targets and not attack once and teleport before finishing.

  • Bromexin 123
    Bromexin 123

    ”The soraka ult 30”- Toast 2030

  • Richard Gibbs
    Richard Gibbs

    imagine picking upa red buff when theres a gunblade for your 2 item 3 star noct on the table.

  • Thin Monk
    Thin Monk

    1,000,000 subscribers! Congratulations Toast!

  • Slay


  • Dzemal Selimovic
    Dzemal Selimovic

    Tnx for the content dude. Your saving me a lot of time 👍


    Why don't you answer to your fans In game? :(

  • Cesar Salazar
    Cesar Salazar

    I've been trying desert for a while and i dont know why i can't never fucking find lv 2 renekton, like wtf dude

  • dalton haynes
    dalton haynes

    Next video in coming 6 woodland

  • Daniel BP
    Daniel BP

    17:11 monkaS

  • Atvg 2005
    Atvg 2005

    did anyone notice the items on the thiefs glove lux?

  • Bjorg.

    God damn please just screeching into the mic Toast. Your levels are already so low that I need to turn you up so when you scream into the mic it's abhorrent, you are a professional.

  • jojo schuster
    jojo schuster

    Why does he always say "scheiße" can he Speak German?

  • 친스키chinsuki

    6woodland with summoner and light is insane...just wow that guy is too lucky to have great item and lucky roll

  • JohxyStreamer 55
    JohxyStreamer 55

    Disguised Toast has proposed another tier for the Woodland Synergy for a while now and the 6 woodland synergy has landed on the TFT PBE server. Enjoy some more wacky Teamfight Tactics Set 2 gameplay! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Maykeru

    i think toast already fired his editor after that wrong intro.

  • TheWazea

    Never forget 7:24

  • Wolfhunter 6
    Wolfhunter 6

    Well people lets make 9 champs synergy and lets really have fun. Already 9 Lights and infernos so why not 9 berserks, 9 mages, 9 assassins, 9 blademaster, 9 shadows...

  • strzaskany alf
    strzaskany alf

    If they go with woodland and release it i am done with this game.

  • keddz kedds
    keddz kedds

    So, where is 6 woodland video actually?

  • Fehérvári Dominik
    Fehérvári Dominik

    20:10 9fire units? Or full summoner team?

  • Kazardas Aradun
    Kazardas Aradun

    Theres only 5 Woodland: Ivern, Maokai, Neeko, LeBlanc and Lux, how do you make the 6?

    • Wolfhunter 6
      Wolfhunter 6

      Lux count as 2...

  • Carlos Cezar Rezendes
    Carlos Cezar Rezendes

    Muito bom xD

  • Jack Mckeown
    Jack Mckeown

    Six woodland strat op

  • Delaney Charlie
    Delaney Charlie

    each patch gets worse and worse, these people need to learn how to balance shit like dota 2

  • Zhaobo Zhang
    Zhaobo Zhang

    Hot sexy

  • word

    “Kha’zix you stupid stupid bug” -Disguised Toast 2020

  • Lovely Furmanczyk
    Lovely Furmanczyk

    I had 6 woodlands the other day, they didn’t clone themselves. I dunno is it on the next patch maybe it will take effect?

    • Lovely Furmanczyk
      Lovely Furmanczyk

      Ahhh gotcha. Thanks

    • Rurisou

      Lovely Furmanczyk he’s playing on PBE. So it’s not in game yet

  • 410196高浩章

    Woodland busted

  • Pomerystic

    Did u realize that if u put azir on water hex he instantly use his ult to summon nothing? : ^)

  • Trinh Hieu
    Trinh Hieu

    I love the casual 6 Woodland 4 spat player.

  • John Le
    John Le

    Egg rolls back!!!!

  • Rohan Saldanha
    Rohan Saldanha

    "If only they could take the tears away from me in real life."

  • Kyle Vallejo
    Kyle Vallejo


  • 13113890 Numbers
    13113890 Numbers

    I think stacking sivir against that comp might have been better.

  • Ped ped
    Ped ped

    Wait... this is not the video i clicked on but this is the video i clicked on Edit: on my downloaded vids its still 6woodland

  • Allan Lopez
    Allan Lopez

    Idea for another vid desert blade master azir broken?

  • Vampyricon

    In awe at the size of the clickbait. I don't mean this in a bad way. You got me good.

  • Alkaios Tilipakis
    Alkaios Tilipakis

    Watching this semi drunk might have been one of the best experiences of my life

    • Raphael Goes
      Raphael Goes

      You don't do a lot of things, do you?

  • John Sander
    John Sander

    «Wait, there’s two toast tft-vids today? Wait, where’s the 6 woodland one? Wait, that’s this one? Aaaahhh»

  • Dragunnitum Gaming
    Dragunnitum Gaming

    wait, wrong title? xD

  • Bryce Ondez
    Bryce Ondez


  • Asparuh Ivanov
    Asparuh Ivanov

    4:17 am drunk as f after a birthday party watching toast and eating yogurt

  • pooties mann
    pooties mann

    hello mr clickbait

  • BDD


  • bweqewq wqeqewqewq
    bweqewq wqeqewqewq

    I saw someone with 6 woodland this game

  • Bell Idrael
    Bell Idrael

    I don't think Toast realizes that it only copies the Woodland units.

  • Mr Pickles
    Mr Pickles

    vanossgaming gave you a shoutout in his newest video!