10 ways Linux is just better!
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IOS, Android, OSX, Windows….. Now for Linux’s time in the spotlight. We reached out to our community again and you gave us lots to work with. Let's see why Linux is just better!
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  • Quin_F150

    so if i want to build a gaming computer to maybe do some streaming and all of that, would linux be better? and to use Linux u pretty much have to have some sort of coding knowledge? or would windows be easier better for what i want to do?

    • gilkesisking

      You can do it on either OS. An all AMD build would be better for Linux. Both systems have OBS. If you're building yourself just buy two hard drives and install Windows AND Linux. Best of both worlds.

  • Nates Gmail
    Nates Gmail

    sex 3d

  • Sergio Díaz Nila
    Sergio Díaz Nila

    the joke about the toaster, is original of NetBSD, for years Linux kids were envious of NetBSD gurus, until toasters got more hardware juice.

  • Sergio Díaz Nila
    Sergio Díaz Nila

    Watch this workflow grsoft.info/hd/binteo/b5Z9qpqxd6Slpcg

  • Clayton Rego
    Clayton Rego

  • Hemesh Chadalavada
    Hemesh Chadalavada

    LinuxTechTips 😎

  • rarakat

    I miss those times customising compiz fusion and emerald. Those were the good days.

  • Lucas Ng
    Lucas Ng

    10 Ways Linux is just Better! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="168">2:48</a> Uses Windows XP

  • That Other Guy
    That Other Guy

    Fun fact, the most used OS in the world is Android and it runs on top of Linux.

  • The Garden of Eatin
    The Garden of Eatin

    Portability. Microsoft has written themselves into a corner, having only ever really supported x86-based platforms. They can indeed recompile the OS for something like ARM, but they can't realistically bring the ecosystem with them--all those thousands of developers writing millions of apps all released in x86 binary form distributed in no particular standard way mean that a non-x86 flavor of Windows either has to run a very limited subset of special apps a la Windows RT or run a resource consuming compatibility layer. MS will never be able to truly port the Windows ecosystem. The GNU/Linux ecosystem, on the other hand, has been ported to more than 20 processor architectures with more on the way. Some versions of Linux--Gentoo being chief among them--are routinely compiled by the user at install. So in theory, once you have added support for a platform to the GCC compiler, you've ported Linux to that platform.

  • Beard Juice
    Beard Juice

    Ironically, the "up next" video for me is a LTT video called "10 ways Windows is just BETTER"

  • Octagon Gaming
    Octagon Gaming

    The creator of Linux is *Linus* Torvalds

  • Carl Hjerpe
    Carl Hjerpe

    "The operating system Linux" he says. Linux is a kernel, not an operating system.

    • Micah M
      Micah M

      @Carl Hjerpe oh yeah it was pretty brief too at 8:15 I think

    • Carl Hjerpe
      Carl Hjerpe

      @Micah M Must've missed that.

    • Micah M
      Micah M

      They covered that

  • Kappa

    You forgot asciiquarium ;)

  • Evan Brooks
    Evan Brooks

    Hopefully all the Linux fanboys that you offended with the windows video are happy now. 😂

  • Fabian Fi
    Fabian Fi

    what is that commandline monitor program (the one that shows literally everything)? at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">5:30</a>

    • gilkesisking


  • Samuel Galano
    Samuel Galano

    But how many apps support Linux?

    • gilkesisking

      There are thousands of native Linux apps.

  • J

    Without installing anything, can I move a bunch of pictures to a folder that already have pictures with the same names and get them renamed automatically by te OS? Like the "keep files and rename" option from Windows that puts numbers between parentheses.

    • J

      @gilkesisking Thanks, I will give it a try. I used Bulk Rename, but it was less efficient, had to load the files, set the options, renaming took a while, and I had to keep track of numbering myself. The worst part was moving files into folders, when there was repeated names, Linux was like "there's already a file with that name, k bye." so I had to do the process all over again. It was frustrating. Went back to Windows 7, and it was like "hey dude don't worry, humans make mistakes, it's totally normal, what do you want me to do? fix the numbering without replacing any file? done, easy."

    • gilkesisking

      In the command line yes. If you don't know how to do that install Shotwell. Linux doesn't presume anything, not everyone would want to do this so its up to you to set it up for the functionality you want.

  • BatteryProductions

    i use arch btw...

  • Oliver Ahmed Romero Castillo
    Oliver Ahmed Romero Castillo

    " Maybe not you specifically ...Stefan" Stefan from The Verge is that you?

  • Vijit Chandna
    Vijit Chandna

    Linux logo reminds me of tux paint

  • mudkipman98

    Holy shit when he said my name, Stephan, I had to rewind and make sure I wasn't tripping

  • SCPF IntelligentCappy
    SCPF IntelligentCappy

    Thought this said 10 ways Linus is better.

  • Genki Feral
    Genki Feral

    WOW! Linus is growing up or waking up...I like it

  • Ken Collins
    Ken Collins

    Intersting that the "Freedom" slide had an American flag for a Finnish operating system!

  • Mehul Ahal
    Mehul Ahal

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="31">0:31</a> noice!

  • Cuttlefish N.W.
    Cuttlefish N.W.

    The problem with Linux is that it appeals mostly to tech-savvy people, so the demands of the OS is tailored towards power-users and tinkerers with relatively little thought towards grandmas and artists. It's not as idiot-proof as Win/Mac, so you can download anything and get a world of bugs -- all easily fixable if you google your problem and find a forum. FOSS makes this 100x easier than with Windows/Mac. As far as games go... it's about 1.5x as good as playing on Windows, performance wise. The reason gamers don't like it is because movies/TV lies: gamers aren't hackers, shut up Hollywood! The experience is better, but the setup required is as much effort as building your own PC, and most gamers are more geeks rather than nerds (they appreciate science/technology but don't really care how it works -- or they're more interested in hardware than software (c'mon)). "Acththththually! It's because my totes fav gamez aren't supported on Linuz! Dats why it sucks!" -- an English major. Again, people aren't willing to put in the work to have the best things, even if it's free. I should disclaim: DON'T USE WINE TO RUN GAMES!... a bit roundabout, but run Windows on a VM to play those games. Yes, I know, this sounds like just using Windows with 1000 more steps, BUT: 1) Your Windows VM will slow down after years instead of weeks 2) Your spies will think you only play games 3) You can save multiple VMs, so you can reunite with Windows 7 AND play Sims 2 again on Windows 95/XP/whatever it came on. 4) Unless you have OCD or some sort of contempt for your savings, you don't ever have to pay for activation keys.

  • Chiranjeet Bhattacharya
    Chiranjeet Bhattacharya

    Is it possible to play heavy games on Linux

    • gilkesisking

      Dunno what you mean by "heavy" but here are the sort of games you can play grsoft.info/hd/binteo/gdmtnny5eYCol9Q

  • Fincó

    Linux Tech Tips

  • Tornado Animation
    Tornado Animation

    Here’s the real question: WHICH DISTRO

    • Andrew Forsyth
      Andrew Forsyth

      every linux pro says distro doesn't matter. I jumped distros for a solid year. decided i liked arch but i didn't like going through all the BS installing it so i chose manjaro.

  • 杨璟昊

    It's GNU/Linux and NOT Linux

  • Nick Wizz
    Nick Wizz

    The problem with Linux with me is the low native software List (i work in post production and the list is pretty low) and it is still a little complicated. I download every Ubuntu update since Ubuntu 4.

    • gilkesisking

      What post production do you do?

  • Gabriel Freitas
    Gabriel Freitas

    10 reasons why Linux, macOS and Windows suck

  • Yashar Valakjie
    Yashar Valakjie

    It’s most likely that the shown Toaster is running on some form of BSD especially Net.BSD

  • lalala88


  • Dakila Lozano
    Dakila Lozano

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="554">9:14</a> does this have a video somewhere? any useful links about this thanks

  • unicycle227


  • sanjeev dandin
    sanjeev dandin

    I don't know about Linux but that penguin plushie behind him freaked me out throughout the video :p. P.s : Proud Ubuntu and RedHat Linux user

  • Rafael Lanna
    Rafael Lanna

    About data collection: I'd rather be spied on by microsoft than be spied on by a fat nerd eating doritos in granny's basement in finland

    • Andrew D'Eon
      Andrew D'Eon

      how do you know that same said fat nerd is not the same one spying on you from Microsoft?

  • Big Bad Wolf
    Big Bad Wolf

    I want to buy a laptop with Linux but I failed to find any laptop all laptop's operating system is window and that make price of laptop very high.

    • Big Bad Wolf
      Big Bad Wolf

      @gilkesisking anything else.. I want a laptop that has more than or equal to 6GB ram.. But still thank you for your kindness

    • gilkesisking

      @Big Bad Wolf Pinebook Pro is around $200

    • Big Bad Wolf
      Big Bad Wolf

      @gilkesisking still they are too costly for me I need a laptop under US$800

    • Big Bad Wolf
      Big Bad Wolf

      @gilkesisking thanks buddy

    • gilkesisking

      Dell, ThinkPad P-series, System76, ZaReason, Slimbook, Starlabs, Tuxedo, Purism, Entroware, Pine64, Juno Computers... etc, etc, etc

  • Hunter Orion
    Hunter Orion

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="583">9:43</a> APEX!!!

  • Echeminga Fritas
    Echeminga Fritas

    Will CORONA infect Linux?, thanks

  • reallybigquack

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="552">9:12</a> Linus says that Anthony found a script that someone on System76 made. Can someone please point me in the direction of that script. Or atleast something similar.

  • philip J Dry
    philip J Dry

    Linux on the phone?

    • gilkesisking

      PinePhone, Ubuntu Touch... lots of other Linux options it you root an Android.

  • King LF5
    King LF5


  • Shaak Ti
    Shaak Ti

    Reasons linux is the best: 1. Pretty much everything is free and open source, including the OS (Windows licenses are hella expensive, and don't even think about mac) 2. It runs faster 3. You can control the entire OS from the command line 4. It's a lot harder to get a virus 5. It's ridiculously customizable

    • 0xDeadBeef

      1. Windows is very cheap compared to RHEL and SLES. There is no support for these community distros. 2. This can be true in some cases. But it's not true for average desktop gaming computer or workstation. 3. Possible with Windows too, but majority of desktop users don't benefit from command line. 4. Until linux becomes mainstream platform. It's much easier to get a virus on Linux when you are unexperienced noob forced to copy+paste commands than on Windows. 5. That doesn't make it better. It makes linux better choice only for some people.

  • Mirny

    Hi, what is that monitoring utility at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">5:30</a> ? cheers

    • gilkesisking


  • Reprisal

    Never thought I would see the day this video was made since LTT are mainly mindless windows tools. I guess third place is better than not at all.

  • Lamborne Wagner
    Lamborne Wagner

    Been using linux since I got Ubuntu Dapper Drake working in 2006. Best thing I ever did

  • Shad Young
    Shad Young

    Multiple desktops have been a feature of Linux x-windows from well before 2004. It has been a feature pretty much since the beginning as it was an already well established feature in Unix desktops. It was also available in Windows95.

  • srinivas gadipe
    srinivas gadipe

    Is there anyone is using cshell and korn ahell

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson

    Thanks for the advice Linux tech tips

  • Aragubas


  • Antonio Hernandez
    Antonio Hernandez

    I borked mine, i didn't know i wasn't supposed to install my AMD graphics drivers from AMD, so when my display started acting up i installed the ones from the repo and nuked the AMD ones........then i couldn't boot anymore

    • gilkesisking

      Spoken like a Windows user lol. It sure has trained people for the worse. ;)

  • Sweet Leaf
    Sweet Leaf

    I concur!

  • Lucy Coleclough
    Lucy Coleclough

    great vid ty

  • hasan banoon
    hasan banoon

    Nice cowboy hat, but maybe you should wear a "redhat". Wink.

  • Csaba Nagy
    Csaba Nagy

    how can i turn on the ENGLISH subtitles? this video have italy CC but if im switch to auto, player doing this: Italy >>> Automatic English WTF!?!?!?! Simple English dont works :S

  • OsumYellowNinja

    its free realestate

  • Bernardo Horn
    Bernardo Horn

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="475">7:55</a> Dexter!!!!

  • Fishyl

    Also it was invented by a finnish person so thats a plus for me

  • crby101

    wait, I was supposed to pay for windows?

  • seasonedtoker

    I can configure a linux machine with a simple batch script to email someone any random pic from the net in let's say half an hour. I am no pro at this. But on Windows I wouldn't even know where to begin.

  • Arman Chegini
    Arman Chegini

    how can i have its subtitle in english?

  • Squasha27

    what command is used at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">5:30</a>?

    • Squasha27

      @gilkesisking THANKS!

    • gilkesisking

      sudo apt install glances glances

  • mc lil Zen the poet
    mc lil Zen the poet

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="196">3:16</a> eh eh gang gang 69 lick lick

  • Demonitized Memes
    Demonitized Memes

    im using linux to watch this

  • Vishnu Madhavan
    Vishnu Madhavan

    I misread linux as linus and clicked on the vid

  • Crimson Slayer
    Crimson Slayer

    Anybody think of redhat when he put the hat on?

  • aGuy

    I use arch btw.

  • Federico Ellena
    Federico Ellena

    A small tip for anyone coming from windows or MacOS and wants a beautiful, clean Linux distro with a decent UI that just works (most of the time!). Try ElementaryOS.

  • Marco McCormack
    Marco McCormack

    upset that the hat he is wearing isn't red

  • Linux Ubuntu
    Linux Ubuntu

    I switched from loving Windows to loving Ubuntu.

    • 死の友

      @C O M P A C T D I S K Try Linux Mint latest version 19.3 is super fast and make sure you install it by right way

    • C O M P A C T D I S K
      C O M P A C T D I S K

      Oh hi Ubuntu Just wanted to say that you don't work great on AMD C-70 I tried with 18.10 and it lagged too much

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones

    In my 12 years of exclusive Linux use the distro I have stuck with the longest is Linux Mint and that's the one I recommend for newbies (Cinnamon Edition). All of the necessities and ease of use tools are all included. If you have past experience and want something that literally never breaks, never has bugs and that you can customize to your hearts content then go with Debian. The Linux Mint IRC is filled with friendly happy people willing to help. The Debian IRC is filled with grumpy nazis and are generally impatient douchebags. Keep those things in mind. Steam proton lets you game on Linux with no problem.

  • LaMuff

    69% complete

  • Alex papanik
    Alex papanik

    Native league of legends support on linux pls

  • Hayden Porter
    Hayden Porter

    I had to work really hard to destabilize my homemade distro... Linux is indestructible.

  • Diablo Santo
    Diablo Santo

    Nice blue screen

  • william SMITH
    william SMITH

    In some ways it is better but in my experience over the last 3 years its also more unforgiving when something goes wrong. Kernel updates can crash a system leaving newbies with a black screen upon logging in and things like audio issues can have you tearing your hair out. Even reloading drivers often fails to work.

    • william SMITH
      william SMITH

      @gilkesisking This should help you....Under "new graphics card" . manjaro.org/features/configured-with-one-click/

    • william SMITH
      william SMITH

      @MilitantPacifist If you look at the Mint forum and others like Linux.org these problems do crop up. That said sometimes things go well for people. I did find solutions but it became a hassle as it kept recurring, esp the kernel crashes so I switched distros.

    • MilitantPacifist

      i haven't has any problems which broke my system and couldn't be fixed with an install disk and 4-5 minutes of googling.

    • gilkesisking

      "reloading drivers"? What do you mean?

  • IDoGameplay

    Everyone just gonna ignore how he said “gooey” instead of “GUI”

    • Strategia

      You're supposed to say it like "gooey".

    • ArtAway

      I say it like that tho, so you say it gee-you-ayy?